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Society Doctor Administers Too Much Cocaine to his Prostitute Flunky.


cocaine03How not to have a good time on the weekend.

Oops, there goes the career of a prominent society doctor down under after a second bout of ‘let’s have a good old sniff’ went dangerously haywire and ultimately lethal. Yes kids- sometimes doing drugs kills, even if there is a doctor in the room and maybe more so if there is a doctor administering them. Careful not to soil the carpet kids…

Reports the Daily Telegraph (the Australian version of NY Post smut):


The body of Victoria McIntyre, aged in her 20s and believed to be working as a prostitute at the time, was found on February 16 in the doctor’s Elizabeth Bay home.

Last week, the doctor was charged with supplying drugs to Brazilian student Suellen Dominguez in an unrelated incident. Ms Dominguez, 22, is also believed to have died of a suspected cocaine overdose.

Ms Dominguez, who had been studying hospitality management, was found dead on Saturday, November 21 after police broke into the doctor’s flat following reports that he had not turned up for several surgery appointments the previous week at a western Sydney hospital.

Does anyone see a correlation here? And what about the doctor not being able to make surgery- does anyone wonder why? But kids, it just keeps getting better—

The doctor had been working under imposed special conditions for some years because of “health matters.” He appeared twice before the NSW Medical Board’s Impaired Registrants Panel but the reasons and the conditions imposed on the way he managed his heath remain secret.

The doctor had to tell the Medical Board if he changed the place or nature of his work and was required to authorise the board to notify any prospective employer of his employment conditions. An extra condition was that he be subject to clinical review, supervision and monitoring.

The doctor will appear in court on December 15.

Health matters? Mmh – we wonder what type of health issues are being referenced to?

Anyway kids- next time you are in the mood to prostitute your ass with lots of crack and coke just say no, unless possible grizzly outcomes tempt the hell out of you. Never mind the doctors (dealers).


Police investigate a death in a doctor’s house


  1. Do you have any idea what the hell you are talking about here? How dare you refer to Victoria as a prostitute flunky that prostituted her ass with crack. Do you realise that these girls that this monster killed were somone’s daughter, grand daughter, sister, cousin? Show some compassion instead of just grabbing for cheap disgusting publicity!! GROW UP – you’re obviously a moron!

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