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Lindsay Lohan no longer a lesbian for the time being.


lindsay_lohan_umvd002 copyGetting it on with hot guys is delicious.

Could it be true (and do you really care)? Gatecrasher reports that Lilo and Hollywood hunk (bunk) actor Gerard Butler were getting it on at some ritzy joint.

The hunky actor reportedly got cozy with none other than Lindsay Lohan on Sunday night at Sol Kerzner Mazagan Beach Resort launch in El Jadida, Morocco. A source told the U.K.‘s Daily Mail that the two locked lips on the dance floor at the fete, then left together during the early hours of Monday morning.

Wow, can the world now breathe a collective sigh of relief now that Lilo has gone back to dating/fucking eligible hunks as opposed to ineligible women? Is this going to be a new groundbreaking trend or is Lilo just teasing us and setting us up as for the next ridiculous chapter of her life that three quarters of America has taken to the wings like a creaky door that refuses to shut?

Of course via twitter even Lilo was amazed by her amazing behavior-

While Lindsay was reportedly heard gushing that Morocco is “the most romantic city in the world” — before adding some words of adoration for her alleged paramour (“He’s hot! He’s mine!”) — the actress is shooting down talk of any hanky-panky.  “One minute i’m dumped, the next i’m dating a model, now Gerard?” she posted on Twitter yesterday afternoon. “WHO HAS THE TIME! such lies — it keeps me laughing.”

Does this suggest that Lilo is simply more than meets the eye and she’s making her seminal move to now become a Hollywood maneater?

When you’re Lilo it’s irrelevant who you end up making out with as long as they’re a hottie, celebrity, dj or of course a male model. Life as a sweet treat can always go bitter if left unattended…

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Gerard Butler, Lindsay Lohan make out at party, leave together: report

Lindsay Lohan’s comeback as a human being is perilously close to failing.