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Getting rid of Lou Dobbs only cost $8 million bucks.

dobbensteinGetting rid of the trash can be costly.

Lou Dobbs, xenophobe and conspicuous zealot, was offered $8 million dollars to vacate his role of media tormentor by his former employer CNN. It had gotten to the point where the network, who had forever tolerated or perhaps quietly supported this madman’s point of view, was widely condemned and ridiculed by major media pundits. Our gut feeling is that the advertisers weren’t too happy about being associated with the freak factor that makes ‘Lou Dobbs’ work. In the end, principle of journalistic integrity or point of view was sacrificed for the collective sanity and commercial viability of the network.

Reports trash blog the NY Post (which, as all our readers know by now, we love the way one adores deep fried donuts…) reports:

CNN boss Jonathan Klein and Dobbs, 64, had been publicly feuding over the kind of reporting Dobbs was doing on his show — especially stories about illegal immigration and the anti-Obama “birther” movement, which contends the president was not born in Hawaii and is not an American citizen.

Can one infer when the president’s qualifications or legitmacy is questioned that the powers at CNN got a stern phone call? Of course, one wonders what Lou thinks of all the mess spilled on the floor.

In an interview with the Atlanta Constitution-Journal, Dobbs characterized his split with CNN after 27 years as “pleasant, friendly and professional.”

We are sure it was $8 million dollars friendly.

Lou we’re all going to miss you, but since now you have some free time on your hands, we’d love to see you hit the ‘foreign derelicts’ just half a mile over the bridge.

Source: CNN wanted Lou out
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