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ESPN Sex Stalker finally speaks out.


*Oct 23 - 00:05*‘How I fell in love with a phony.’

Brook Hundley has now gone live with her story of how she became Steve Phillip’s jilted lover. In keeping with the delicious scandal you all have been craving, the 22 year old announced on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ show that she essentially wanted to warn Phillip’s wife that Steve was a sleaze bag and despite herself she was violently in love with the man that caused her many sleepless nights, not to mention the damage this did to his wife and family.

When Hundley first contacted Marni – Steve Phillip’s wife she wanted to make it clear to her that she wasn’t .”… just some random girl he had sex with in parking lots.”
Marni’s reaction at the time of course was to call 911.

Appearing on the show Hundley had this to offer;

“I did things I regret, obviously. People make mistakes at 22,”

But then she goes on to offer this:

“I’ve been called things by the public that no woman should ever be called. I couldn’t go a day without getting, you know, 200 messages in my inbox from people that have never met me, just labeling, just calling me names. I’ve been called the ‘C’ word. I’ve been called a whore. I’ve been called a homewrecker.”

Trying to stay cool and holding back those puppy tears Hundley then tells ABC:

“At that point, a person has a breaking point, and that was my breaking point. I had a friend who had to come stay with me because he was concerned that mentally, I would not be able to take much more.”

In the end, the world still thinks Hundley is a stalker, a home wrecker and we doubt that Hundley is going to be getting her own reality show anytime soon. In the interim, Steve’s wife has filed for divorce while Steve Phillips remains in a sex rehab facility (brothel).

Sex scandals are always delicious whether they happen in parking lots or not. Married men/women always preferred.

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