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White House confirms that it has iron fist control on the media.


Obama's TeamWelcome to Big Brother 2009.

Here comes an unsettling revelation- the White House essentially controls everything that gets to be seen and shown by the media stooges… we mean media press.

According to a report out of World Net Daily, White House Communications Director Anita Dunn had this to say… we mean let slip- President Obama’s presidential campaign focused on “making” the news media cover certain issues while rarely communicating anything to the press unless it was “controlled,” Dunn disclosed to the Dominican government at a videotaped conference.

What does this mean? Perhaps the adage “monkey see, monkey do” is something that rings a bell in this new way of reporting (assuming it is new rather than just a learned habit from past administrations).

The report continues- “Very rarely did we communicate through the press anything that we didn’t absolutely control,” said Dunn. Can everyone cheer, yummy?

The tasty sandwich continues- “…a huge part of our press strategy was focused on making the media cover what Obama was actually saying as opposed to why the campaign was saying it, what the tactic was, …Making the press cover what we were saying.”

So what are we to make of this flagrant slip up- it seems the Orwellian nightmare has finally come to roost and perhaps we have every reason to doubt what institutions tell us and what they choose to tell us. After all a story is just not a story until it has been picked clean for your preferred consumption. News that you can rely on, assuming disinformation and arm wrestling is the type of news that works for you.

White House boasts: We ‘control’ news media

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  • fuck you

    Fuck Obama and the white house, they are just as bad and no different than T he Darthvader(Cheney) and Dipshit (Bush) Show. In Fact they could be worse, Guess we will have to wait and see!!!!