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Kentucky Fried Cruelty.


kfc copyEating chicken just got more delicious.

What’s in the food you eat? Or how about how is the food groomed before you eat it? We know Colonel Sanders is always finger lickin’ good but next time you lick those fingers clean spare a thought for the chickens you are eating.

According to Cruelty America comes the savory report below- reader discretion necessary. Feel free to vomit at your convenience, yum I’ll think I’ll have another chicken wing- deep fried preferably…

KFC suppliers cram birds into huge waste-filled factories, breed and drug them to grow so large that they can’t even walk, and often break their wings and legs. At slaughter, the birds’ throats are slit and they are dropped into tanks of scalding-hot water—often while they are still conscious. It would be illegal for KFC to abuse dogs, cats, pigs, or cows in these ways.

KFC’s own animal welfare advisors have asked the company to take steps to eliminate these abuses, but KFC refuses to do so. Many advisors have now resigned in frustration.

KFC- shouldn’t you be eating there more often?

Cruelty Capital, U.S.A