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Kate and Jon Gosselin are interrupted in their grab for sleaze and fame by the awkward realization that they are still parents.


doneWhen children refuse to hurry up and get out of the way.

Yummy, it looks like America’s own basket case of family harmony and mayhem has stepped up a few notches with the release of the latest too unreal ongoings and goings of the Gosselin household.

The newest revelations have it that in some weird perverse way the Gosselin children rather than behaving themselves (as mommy and daddy’s adventures in media land have escalated- double yummy) have chosen instead to act irritably and frustrate their parents in their ambitious search for the highest media rankings possible to mortals.

Some of the observed inconvenient behavior observed include tantrums, growling and less than photogenic appearances on prime TV. Kind of like the way parents have been behaving of late.

The moral of the story- it wont be long before America moves on to the next public spectacle. Let’s hope the children behave.

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