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It’s confirmed. You are only desirable as long as you are a pedigree plus.


monocleThe dissolution of the American pedigree class and why it pays to belong…


Out of the NY Times style section comes the niggling belief system that’s been bothering you every morning at 4 am-that you’re not truly desirable and a good score unless you happen to have graduated from the preferred pedigree ‘plus’ ivy league institutions. Unless you are a model, a celebrity or a celebrated artist we also have bad news to offer you- members of the ‘Ivy Plus Society,’ will more than likely frown at you and when given the chance point out your inferiority.

The collective started by Jennifer Wilde Anderson provides the perfect forum for those members of society unwilling to commit to the peons that exist in large masses and are looking for the comfortable notion of meeting like minded individuals who can ‘appropriately’ turn them on.

Says one member – Ben Pike, a 2006 Georgetown graduate, who works in private equity (code word for I have more money than you and that should make me desirable tonight)

“I’ve been in the city three years and dated girls who are legitimate models, and that gets old. I have high standards. I’ve met people who are really smart but don’t have it together socially, and people who are fun but may not offer more mentally. The total package, he explained, is tough to find.”

Of course in Mr Pike’s case it is easy to see why the whole package is hard to find because all he’s really looking for is fantasy…but we do love the part about legitimate models, as we do agree with Mr. Pike one isn’t really a human being until they have legitimately gone out with a legitimate model,’…alas.

To be considered a ‘plus,’ one is obliged to have graduated from the 8 premium schools in the country and a smattering of departments from other colleges that are held in high regard (the rest of you can go walk around in shame thank you!). The premium schools include Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Brown, Columbia, Princeton, Dartmouth and Washington but that’s a secret that everyone gets to keep to themselves until one recent attendee was humiliated for turning up and trying to score from the hot crop without being an appropriate member of the gentrified class. Indeed the presumptiousness!

What’s the moral of the story? That if you want to go to bed with me you better be well stocked or at least a legitimate model….

The Dating Game, Ivied and Pedigreed



  1. Not a better pair than an individual who appears as a doe with eyes stuck towards headlights, and a person who detonated the world economy based on everything he learned at an Ivy League school.
    They deserve each other,

  2. I was a model for a long time (until it turned out that “being 18 years old AND having a speedymmetabolism” was not a permanent state of affairs,alas)-and I don’t remember ever being asked for my Model Registration Papers.
    Was I a–sob,gasp!– Illigitimate Model, ALL THAT TIME? Oh the shame.

    I’m an old fashioned girl. I think you should fall in love with whomever you fall in love with. Once you start making lists like “Must be at least 6’1 1/2″. must have gone to Yale, must own at least one limited-number-series Egon Schiele lithograph, must be a Libra…”..well, all I can say is, that way lies madness.

  3. Oh Scallywag, they have you pegged all wrong!

    The problem isnt having high standards. The problem is trying to compile a list of traits in a woman and then showing contempt for anyone who does not match up. The problem is calling non-Ivy-Leaguers stupid and non-models ugly. It is a superficial survey you are conducting that completely rules out the soul and personality of the woman you are evaluating (hating). There are smart and beautiful women out there that are a drag to talk to. Think about kindness in someone, excitement in someone, joie de vivre that doesnt equate to smart or pretty. Then look yourself in the mirror and evaluate yourself. Are you smart, beautiful, and deserving of the thing you desire? Or are you just as hollow as your ideal woman?

  4. This is why you do not do interviews with ugly women. From these quotes the looks of the women Mr. Pike has found is not the issue it is a challenging intellect he seeks, I have never seen someone persecuted for seeking smarter women before. The issue Here is we need to start testing journalists as the media has become irresponsible to the point it has destroyed our country. But if this so called journalist is correct then Mr. Pike would be ok if he were seeking ugly smart women wich suggests that this journalist believes that it is not possible to be beautiful and smart…So she is a biggot

  5. Actually Ace we had one article where we had 132 comments. in any event i am rather pleased that a bee was placed under your bonnet- now please go back to being elitist!

  6. Yes that’s true, and it was all in defense to this kid “Ben Pike”. Thus proving that nobody likes scallywag, and everybody wants to be white collar, not some subpar ugly retard who shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce.

  7. Scallywag- you’re still a loser. Congrats on having 20 posts being by far the most traffic this website has ever received.

  8. Bravo to all!

    That must’ve been the LONGEST comment dialogue exchange this site has ever had. Mostly entertaining.

    Oh, and erm… the only ‘mannequins’ that really matter are the ones that date sons of Vogue editors/publishers, photographers that shoot for Numero, and erm… equally promiscuous high-profile artists. ;P

  9. That’s why everyone has a therapist in this city. Being human is a lot harder than being an ivy league. If you look for a perfect package, you’ll find, it that’s a fact, but only for the first few moths of marriage than it’s back to human again. And back to the belief that you deserve better, and you probably do. Einstein did too but unfortunately only 2 people in the whole world understood what he’s study was. Now! That’s exactly the number of people that will (under)stand you or love you 2, in your entire life. Anyone else have a contract or a diploma around here!?

  10. Wait, I’m not an “Ivy” person but scallywag, “you’re not confused are you”….. because i think you are… and just for the record, this whole entire time you’ve been feeding into our lines and bullshit. You continuously feel the need to tell us that “you date, know, hang out with legitimate models”.. I mean come on what are you really compensating for?? Is it your little penis? or the fact that nobody – not even your mother likes you.

  11. Listen. First of all, we need to get off this whole model thing. I don’t care that your intern is a model. There are models that aren’t attractive. Not every model is hot. It’s also quite possible she has the personality of a wet carrot.

    Secondly, we aren’t ivy leaguers. We have already said that….nor do we care that you are one. You are not babysitting us. Your opinion is worth no more than ours is.

    Third. If you are going to run an online magazine/blog/whatever and monitor it, you should make sure you spell correctly and use proper grammar. It makes your site look much less professional when you post like that. Be a good role model for your intern. It makes me think you really didn’t attend an ivy league school.

    Lastly, you say “to each their own.” I’m sorry, but you’re arguing that people actually prefer stupid, ugly people. That just isn’t the case. There is a reason our society props smart and attractive people up on pedestals. It’s because we respect them and want to be like them (in general). Some of us get so upset that we can’t be our own idea of perfect that we complain and put others down in order to justify our existence. People need to just accept the way things are and not belittle others for achieving the success we want.

  12. Did somebody ask out your intern? Where are you getting this from? I have never heard of a guy making fun of another guy for wanting to date a good looking girl. I also already told you I am not an Ivy Leaguer. You clearly don’t read very well. Good for Mr. Pike who used his intelligence and work ethic to find a great job, instead of somebody like you who cries and moans about how he doesn’t have the same access to things. You’re pathetic.

  13. Leave stupid ugly girls alone. and anyway each to their own. I keep telling u my intern will not go out with u and she is a legitamate model. Oh shucks – this is getting tedious, i should have became a highly paid banker not a baby sitter to IVY LEAGUERS!

  14. Scallywag…. you’re a dude?? This whole time you were writing these comments you came off as a chick. I am even more blown away at how you are ridiculing a guy for wanting to date a good looking girl who also happens to be intelligent. I had very little respect for you, and the rest of it just went out the window. Have fun taking out stupid, ugly girls which you seem to prefer.

  15. Date!? You’re on – Come to the Scallywag Mag Party at Ella Lounge at 9 Ave A, b/w 1st and 2nd.

    We’ll get toasted. ANd guess what there will be tons of models there, but that hardly interests u lot, it’s us sitting at the back of the bar having Hemingway discussions on life.

    p.s – I am an ivy league guy, but that’s just for show ponies.

    Sorry about the spelling mistakes, but yes come tonight and meet our intern even if she still insists u have no chance.


  16. I am also not an Ivy Leaguer. Just a normal guy working a normal job. Yes Scallywag. I do blame the media for some distortion. They usually only publish a fraction of the entire report. It allows them to edit away the story to make it more entertaining. I’m sure the conversation the journalist had with Pike had a lot more information in it than that and last much longer.

    I’m not sure what article you were reading, but at no point did he claim that he was “entitled” to the most beautiful and smart woman alive. He simply stated that he was looking for someone that was both attractive and intelligent.

  17. Hey Scallywag, how about we go on a date. I’m not an Ivy leager because i didn’t work as hard as those guys in high school. But I have dated “legitimate models” in fact I’m so shallow that I would love to go out with you and maybe have a cocktail or six and talk about this now famous Mr. Pike. What do you say?

  18. Scallywag… who said I am an Ivy leaguer? You are making an assumption. I did not attend an Ivy league school. Don’t assume that I am sticking up for Mr. Pike because we share the same sense of entitlement. I am sticking up for him because people like you put all these Ivy leaguer’s in the same basket. Just because Mr. Pike worked hard, got into a good school, and has a good job, maybe that should allow him access to certain things in life that clearly you can’t obtain. As the saying goes, “To the victor go the spoils”. These assumptions you are making are disgusting generalizations, and maybe you should be the one re-analyzing your life.

  19. Ace, it is the role of media (i believe) to facilitate a myriad of points of views. If you all desire to live the way so be it. But I do think it’s my job to also question the dialectics in place.

    Yes we all want perfection, but i do wonder if your sense of IVY LEAGUE PLUS sense of entitlement is a bit waned?

    It may be hard for you to assess this as you are inside the windmill as to speak. Anyway we are sick of your lot’s sense of entitlement while 90 % of this country is self destructing. In any event I am sure u will find nirvanna somewhere but not in this lifetime or amongst these mortals (who unfortunately come with spelling mistakes and other imperfections that I trust are disallowed and disavowed in the IVY league PLUS circuit.

    ANd for the final time our intern refuses to go on a date with anyone of you, legitmate IVY LEAGUER or not!

  20. Scallywag, it basically seems as though you are jealous. Also, you are saying they are the first to point blue murder when their value system is being perjured. It seems as though your value system is being questioned right now and you are doing the exact same thing- pointing fingers to defend yourself. More people should be like Mr. Pike and be strong about what they desire in life. It would save a lot of people a lot of time and trouble if this was the case.

  21. This is why I love IVY leagers (which I am one myself co incidentally- spelling and class accidents aside…) – they always love to blame the media when we point out stark incongruities (the one of BP’s supposed and preferred reality versus actuality) that implicate them but are the first to point blue murder when they feel their value system is being perjured but other than that as long as they can get a hot, ideal lay are indifferent to the concerns of most people let alone these dilettantes who are rabidly self consumed.

    Anyway, we hope you find perfection, but our intern has warned she is off limit to you dogs!

  22. I agree with Ace. I don’t get what the big deal is. So he wants to find the best possible person for himself. So what? The media distorts everything anyways. I’m sure his conversation with the journalist was taken out of context, like everything else. Last time I checked, I never met someone (male or female) that desired an unattractive and moronic mate. Undesirable people just like to complain to make themselves feel better while they wallow in their mediocrity. Get over it.

  23. It seems Mr. Pike is being turned into a villain because he said what everyone thinks. Models and other beautiful people do have a reputation for providing beautiful aesthetics, but lack in other more intellectually stimulating ways. but what is wrong with wanting more? if anything what he said was no typical of snobs in nyc. if it said nothing about ivy league, or banker, this would be praised, because he is looking for more than looks! I think its unfair to call him a monster for simply saying he wants someone who is good looking and intelligent. heaven forbid we men admit to being attracted to a woman who can sit through a dinner without asking if we say the newest episode of Gossip Girl!

  24. Intern… I am not even from NYC. What is wrong with looking for the best person possible before getting into a relationship? The total package is a good thing. I also doubt you are a model, or else you wouldn’t be complaining like this. I am simply defending Mr. Pike for knowing what he wants in life and going after it. Grow up.

  25. What is wrong with you two? It’s people like you that have ruined NY for every body. It’s all about this perfect this and perfect that when most of you are all messed up in the head. I agree with Scallywag, not just because he’s my boss but because I avoid guys like you the way civilzation avoids the plague.

    p.s. F.Y.I – I am a legitmate model, but you aren’t getting your hands on me, and I don’t care which school you went to, who your daddy is and what car or Ferrari you drive.

    WHile I’m Scallywag’s intern, poverty suits me fine, plus anyway- I get to go to better parties anyway!!

  26. Also Scallywag, you describe Ben as being the atypical snob. Atypical = not typical. Your comment makes no sense. Maybe if you went to an Ivy league school you would have a better grasp of the English language.

  27. I agree with BigBP. Last time I checked, everybody out there is looking for the total package. Nothing wrong with finding the best person out there for you. If more people were selective, maybe the divorce rate in this country wouldn’t be so high.

    Scallywag…. Mr. Pike would probably never talk to you anyway, so give it a rest.

  28. Ben darling,

    What’s there to understand – you are the atypical snob and boor that has tarnished the city!

    Nevertheless we will be on the look out for legitimate models to send your way….

  29. I don’t understand this… Everything that was “quoted” or “misquoted” was completly true, or at least I agreed on it.

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