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Fat Models encouraged to apply to London.


London-Fashion-WeekWhat NY doesn’t want London will have….


Seems like things got a little feisty over there at the London Fashion Week shows, especially for contentious designer – Mark Fast who with his choice to use plus size models has drawn more attention to his collection (let us say world attention) that may perhaps may have warranted.


Prey though what caused all the boolaha? It all occurred moments before Fast’s girls were to hit the planks when Fast decided he would go with the plus size models in order to support the British Fashion Council’s concern for healthy models as opposed to the skinniest and androgynous models we have ever seen in years here at the recent NY spring collections.


With the girls set to hit the planks, 2 members of the creative team (let’s use that term loosely…) decided it was all too much for them to bear and stormed from backstage creating a furor and the perfect marketing campaign for Mark Fast.


As the Guardian reports, Fast used 3 plus size models- Hayley, Laura and Gwyneth – to model his knitwear designs.

Underscoring the concern of perception of female form and weight and the marked changes that we have seen since the 80’s – British Vogue Editor Shulman wrote to top designers in June this year, asking for larger-sized clothes for the magazine’s photo shoots. “We have now reached the point where many of the sample sizes don’t comfortably fit even the established star models,”

Whether the industry will listen is yet to be seen but rest assured being fat or let us say ‘healthy’ is for once being rejoiced.

Kudos to you Mr. Fast!

London Fashion Week: catwalk row over size 14 models

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