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Hot Pimp of the day: JOHNNY B. Our corner pimp has tips to offer.


75163404What all aspiring hookers should know.

Life comes in many forms and one of those forms goes by the name of Johnny B: our preferred corner pimp who is always hustling young meat and possibly even your ass if you feel so inclined. Hes not exactly the savviest character we’ve ever met and he kind of reminds us of a talent judge on a Miss Universe pageant. You be the judge. Johnny offers only words of wisdom, so pay attention. We did.

First most desirable trait if you are going to hook for Johnny-

1/ Have large tits and make sure your ass has curve. Johnny don’t like them skinny white girls, although Pam Anderson cuts it for him.

2/ Always, and he means always, wear make up. “A girl is got to look good. It’s all about the Benjamins!!” Yes it is Johnny!

3/ Never get too clever. Johnny doesn’t like it if you talk back to him or give him attitude. Remember he’s hustling your ass so listen up!

4/ Dress well. Jeans and high heels. None of that too extravagant stuff. It’s about letting a man know what’s waiting for him.

5/ Johnny also believes in hygiene. Did you hear that girls?

6/ Never steal from the customer. If he finds out he’ll dock you.

7/ Never ever steal from Johnny. Ramifications were too severe to publish.

8/ Never ever steal the customers. The street belongs to Johnny. You are just a tool. Let Johnny map your destiny.

9/ Never give Johnny a dirty look. He doesn’t like it when you look at him the wrong way.

10/ Always smile and tell the customer what he wants to hear. Johnny has your destiny in his mind.

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