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Getting dumped in a foreign country…


heinz2-420x0 copySurvival tactics only for die hards…

Love knows no bounds except when you get dumped. Heinz Muller dumped by a Brazilian woman he flew all the way from Germany to be with (he met her over the internet) has been now living for 13 days at the airport because he has no where to go and no money.

Reports the Sydney Morning Herald-

The 46-year-old former pilot passes the time wandering the airport in Campinas, an industrial city about an hour’s drive from Sao Paulo, or using his laptop perched on a luggage cart. Occasionally he speaks to workers and passengers in basic Portuguese mixed with some Spanish.

Muller arrived in Rio de Janeiro on October 2 and can stay as long as he breaks no laws, said a spokesman for Brazil’s civil aviation authority, who spoke on condition of anonymity in keeping with policy.

Talk about living life on the edge, of course life isn’t completely miserable for the disillusioned Muller, who is now receiving the pity of locals who are bringing him free food.

Of course like us you’re probably wandering why Muller just doesn’t return home (we have to assume he flew into Brazil with a round trip ticket).  Silly us- he’s in love and waiting for her to change her mind…one day.

Living in airports can be fun and interesting but not nearly as fun and interesting as flying half way around the world for.

Heartbroken Heinz camps out in airport

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