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Dr Phil gets to make it to the sleaze department.


dphilWhen the temptations are too much to resist (or so we hear).

Dr.Phil, television’s attempt to bring compassion and understanding to the incredible goings of human behavior has now suddenly found himself in the hot seat of dysfunctional behavior himself.

Allegations have surfaced that Dr. Phil, the king of touchy goody special ‘wet’ moments held an ex patient of his –Shirley Dieu (strange how they are always ex patients by the time the lawsuit reaches the floor…) against her will in his office and tenderly wrapped his big paws around her breasts while she looked on in disgust, fear, trepidation and a weird kind of intrigue.

Dr Phil of course scoffs at such reports and has claimed to the world that he always keeps his fantasies to himself and that the fact that videos and audio units are always turned on discounts for any of the above having actually happening.

The drama of course gets a little spooky when Shirley also claims that she was subjected to the sight of a naked man at the complex (which she enrolled at her own volition in 2007) which included him having genitals and all (we know – the horror!). This is of course the moment Shirley knew she had to run for her life and find the meaning of life. Unfortunately for her the big bad doctor wouldn’t let her leave and now the world has gone terribly wrong.

In any event it should be an interesting next couple of months as the world tries to figure out if Dr. Phil is capable of groping breasts and if Shirley can ever handle the sight of another naked man with genitals.

Dr. Phil McGraw denies that he groped ex-patient Shirley Dieu’s breasts, held her captive

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