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Did MTV kill Dj AM ?


mtv_logo copyWhen dealing with things too close to home got the better of a recovering addict.

Out of the NY Times comes the latest speculation of what may have sent DJ Am over the edge. Hosting the reality show called “Gone too far ” DJ AM, also known as Adam Goldstein, would spend air time with hardcore drug addicts coming back from life over the edge and help them stay on the clean side of the edge.

Goldstein, himself once a hardcore drug addict, (crack cocaine was his drug of choice) was recently found deceased after overdosing on cocaine and prescription drugs back in August. In the end, dealing with other people’s demons may have led to a relapse for the man who purportedly spent a decade staying clean. Ironic that a man who spends camera time keeping kids out of harm’s way is the one himself who gets caught right in the middle of harm’s way. Who knows? Maybe the temptation was too much, maybe the memories were reignited, or maybe he just wanted to see if he had a taste for the diabolical.

Who knows once an addict always an addict, even if they were not using…

Addiction is sometimes a gun shot waiting to go off even if the gun is hidden somewhere deep in your memory…

Dancing With Demons

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  • mike m

    this is called doing 12th step work. Everyday reovering addict and alcoholics put there hand out to help someoone that is in need. What you are saying is completely false and you have obviuosly never sat in on an AA meeting to get the whole concept of recovery. When you help another addict it helps you stay clean believe it or not.