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David Letterman gives you a joke with no punch line.


daveWhen the fun and laughs aren’t fun and laughs anymore…

Life hasn’t been fun for David Letterman lately. During last night’s show Letterman revealed to the audience that he had various sexual liaisons with various members of his staff and that an extortionist (Robert Halderman, an employee of CBS) who had been willing to go town with the information had demanded $2 million out of him. Rather than giving into the extortionist, Letterman gave them a bogus check and with the assistance of the assistant district attorney had the extortionist arrested and his life predictably turned into a freak show.

Apparently the audience listened in silence to Letterman (who gets paid $32 million a year to turn other people’s lives into a freak show) as he confessed details. At some point various members nervously laughed as they waited for the punch line that never came.

In the end Letterman got to keep his self respect, his $2 million bucks but as for as his dignity, we think that’s forever been thrown out the window.

Moral of the story: Eventually for some reason or another the universe has a funny way of catching up with you…

David Letterman Reveals Extortion Plot and Confesses to Sex With Staffers

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