Home Scandal and Gossip Stripping becomes the preferred fascination even of young girls.

Stripping becomes the preferred fascination even of young girls.


baby-pole-dancerWhen learning at even a young age that all that really counts is your looks and body…


Anything helps these days and who are we to tell little girls that stripping is not a legit profession? This photo and commentary is causing a stir on the internet with parents outraged and others just down right confused, shocked or weird-ed out (for lack of a better phrase.) http://www.bust.com/blog/2009/09/03/babes-in-stripperland.html

Chris Rock once said that the job of a father was to “Keep your daughter off the pole”…but this potentially puts her thinking about the pole before she is even out of grade school.

Children’s toys usually ride under the radar of things that steal a youngsters’ innocence. Media and most mainstream movies and TV are the prime culprits with boobs and sex and god only knows being front and center for these little impressionable minds. Toys usually have other jobs showcased with Vet Barbie or toy doctor characters. What does this really say and is this photo even real? Stripping has taken on an “it’s ok” sentiment now with stripping being called cardio and there be no shortage of women lining up in 7 inch plastic heels for pole dancing classes.

I am all in favor of a good strip tease and have attended all the gym oriented classes though but really -where do we draw the line? Is it good to embrace sexuality as long as you do not make money doing it? Can I bump and grind, peeling my shirt off if I do so without sticking dollar bills in my G-string? Keeping those thoughts in mind, this toy seems to bother me in that underlying message is that women are bodies meant to be displayed… but hey, why not? With Miley Cyrus’s pole dance routine at the Teen Choice Awards… maybe life on the pole isn’t so bad.

You can always get ahead on your looks and will always be wanted if you can grind…