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Justin Timberlake wants to let you know he is in fact better than you.


justin-timberlake-wantsPeople are equal except when they are a celebrity…



According to smut factor the NY POST (TRASH) it was reported that when Justin TIMBERLAKE, consummate celebrity and media whore (why deny it Justin…) turned up at hot NYC night club – AVENUE (which even we are too afraid to turn up to…sort of) he was able to jump ahead of the long queue and get straight in. When a young girl (okay the Post says gorgeous- but define gorgeous for us…) who had been waiting for as long as 20 minutes to get in quipped ‘hey you can’t skip the line’ the media whore broke her illusions of equanimity and equality the All American way when he responded – “Oh, I absolutely can.”

The moral of the story? George Orwell said it best in his seminal piece- ‘1984,’ – “People are equal except some people are more equal than others.”

Perhaps this explains the strange mad rush amongst most inhabitants of the Western world to hurry up and become their own celebrity because innately people realize as much as we speak about equality and equal access no real such thing exists in the universe and if you want to get a leg up you have to become what society values.

Of course what society in our opinion leaves a lot to be desired but hey what do you care you get a kick about reading about some dingbat who gets paid a small fortune to misbehave and then complain to the world that her pooch has gone missing for example (aka Jesssica Simpson).

When you think the world is unfair just look at yourself and realize you made it unfair…


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