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Ryan Jenkins Found Dead, reportedly Hung by the Media.


ryan-jenkins2When a reality star perpetuates a perverse death and dies of one as well…


The saga is finally over. For days the tabloids had been on a feeding frenzy, closing in on a fugitive on the run, glamorizing, vilifying him and finally crucifying him.

The facts- Ryan Jenkins, reality star contestant on “Megan wants to marry a Millionaire,” as opposed to a murderer went on the run after his estranged wife’s- Jasmine Fiore’s mutilated corpse was found (in a suitcase in a rubbish tip in Los Angeles) and authorities had every reason to believe that Ryan Jenkins was involved.

Now on the run and perversely achieving more fame that he could have ever imagined Jenkins was trying to figure out plan B. Plan B involved crossing into the border of British Columbia, Canada where he is originally from. But with the press hot on his heels, it was obvious Jenkin’s money, connections, daddy or looks was not going to save him.

Rather than give himself up to authorities and face the consequences Jenkins was found Sunday evening dead in his motel room ( The Thunderbird Motel in British Columbia, Canada) hung on a coat rack with his own belt, courtesy of a successful suicide attempt.

According to TMZ a young woman inn her 20’s had dropped Jenkins off on Friday, where a motel room was booked for two days. When it was time to check out, employees discovered the visage of a hanging Jenkins.

Getting to become famous at any cost.

Ryan Jenkins Found Dead of Apparent Suicide

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