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Olivia Newton John’s missing Boy Friend Wants to Be left alone now that he’s not missing anymore.


olivia-newton-johnWhen faking your disappearance works out until it doesn’t…


Okay Olivia here’s the good news- “Your boyfriend of 9 years who we all (including you) thought had drowned at sea 3 years ago didn’t drown after all.” The bad news- “He wants to remain missing. Sorry Olivia…”

Three years ago Patrick Mcdermott, Olivia’s ex lover made world headlines when it was thought he drowned on a fishing expedition 3 years ago off the coast of Los Angeles.

Suspected to at the time to have deep financial problems Mcdermott has now adopted a simpler lifestyle, from much photographed boy toy to star to that of occasional deck hand and frequent motel guest. That said Mcdermott is not interested in coming back and wants the world to leave him alone, and to this end has friends fax investigators urging that he be left alone.

Left alone? Fat chance, not when you are once consigned toy boy and a curious interest to people whom you may or not owe a lot of money to.

As for Olivia- she’s moved on with herb tycoon John Easterling– at least she learnt her lesson, don’t go out with dashing handsome men who end up going broke and breaking your heart.

The lives of the brutally famous, restless and suddenly Mexican deck hands…

Olivia Newton John’s lover Patrick McDermott ‘couldn’t take it’

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