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Jay Leno decides he still likes to terrorize you.


jay-leno-decidesWhy a legend wont go home and retire…


Just when we all thought Jay was going to go home and spend the rest of his life being ultra rich and riding motor bikes in winding canyons Jay has decided life isn’t really worth livng unless he’s back in your face. At this point it’s not even about the money, money at this stage is just an afterthought and at this rate what really counts is that Jay can spend the rest of his life with you, or rather in your television box.

Reading further along into the NYT’s piece that talks about JAY’S comeback and the drum roll that we should begin to get used to as of every morning announcing Jay’s return, mention is also made that Jay will be airing during prime time.

So come September we’d like to let you know that a favorite legend, chin and all will once again be reminding you why he’s your friend, why he can still make you laugh and after you go to sleep he’ll be on some bike riding through some canyon as legends are required to do while you wonder what’s wrong with your life.

If only we could all be legends…

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