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It’s Confirmed, your landlord can hate you forever but can’t legally harass you.


eviction2When the law finally recognizes and upholds tenants rights.


Raise your hand if you have ever been harassed, traumatized, victimized and or either disregarded by your landlord. I already see a large showing of hands. If on the other hand you are a landlord this article is not for you, in fact we’re only adding fire to the boil of your impending misery.

As life will inevitably present itself, one normally has a good impression of their landlord, pays up on time, but suddenly something happens to change that view- that’s right the landlord undeniable belief that their interests must always come before yours gets in the way. Suddenly the landlord you used to like is the landlord you will never like again and just like that you are both at war, as they begin to harass you in lieu of trying to force you out, intimidate you, suspend your services and even turn up on your doorstep to yell at you because they are in a bad mood and it’s all your fault!!

Today in the NY Housing Court a statute was upheld which gives renters the right to sue their landlord for harassment and other disruptive services and ego trips which threaten the well being and the staying of the renter.

Compelled to challenge the law, landlords were dealt a heavy blow in their attempts to give all renters stomach ulcers and chilling letters left at dead hours on their footstep.

So remember, the next time the landlord starts trying to prod you to leave and is acting was is within the confines of the law, do what you must- sue the pants out of them!

Expanded Protections for Tenants Are Upheld in Court

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  • Terri

    I don’t know where to begin my landlord and I just got in a big yelling match because she refuses to read my email and wants me to text her everything…the problem is that I don’t have unlimited text but she won’t listen…I just about had it and felt my blood boil when she came knocking on my door…I opened the door and told her that I was working and needed to upload information on the computer before a certain time for my work…she proceeded to ask me what was wrong with the heater she lent me after turning off my heat. I told her I sent her all the information too her in a email and she said that she told me to text her the information from the email and I told her I need her text address (so I can send it from my computer) and she replied via text just send it like you normally would text …I have tried to explain too her that my text options are limited and it won’t send the whole thing…she wouldn’t listed and kept asking me what the problem was…so I took the time sent her one line at a time in several texts and she still showed up at my door to ask me what was wrong and that after plugging in the heater it works..I told her if she read my email it told her detail about what it did and why it doesn’t work for me.. then she kept saying that she plugged it in and it works…I told her that it tripped the breaker and 3 sets of plugs were not working …OMG then she gets into well is there something wrong with your plugs…I told her no I reset the breaker but don’t want to continue to do this in very late at night when it decides to trip again…then she starts getting into well I text you a week ago to find out how it was working and I told her that I gave her a status update on how I was trying to make it work and that took time but all this information I sent too you via email and she starts yelling at me again…I told her that she got the wrong one to begin with and that when she wanted to know what kind to get I told her one that moves back and forth is tall and motioned with my hands on the width…she got the wrong one – get this her reply was I got you one that moved back and forth…meaning that you can pick it up and move it over here and back….then she is yelling more and at this point I went back in my house. there is more too it this is just one little incident …its getting to the point that the problems I have in the house are better than dealing with her…she disrupts my life so much I am really tired of it …. yes I would move in a second if I wasn’t caring for a colony of feral cats that I have been trying to trap and get fixed and have had great success until she took over the property…now she lives across from me and complains about things that I think are none of her business such as she comments that I have too much stuff in the garage..