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Two dimensional dating in Japan keeps lonely men in love.



The pros and cons of dating stuffed pillow cases…


Out of Japan comes epic romances that will leave you spellbound and in disbelief, and even wondering if there’s a chance for you. We’d like to say – yes indeed there is a chance for you, as long as you don’t mind falling in love with stuffed pillow cases with pretty faces (we understand the blue eyed girls are the most sought after…) who will in most circumstances be unable to reciprocate your physical love with them (of course guys you will wash the pillow sheets after wards) but nevertheless be your unrivalled and loyal companion as you roam the country side for long drives and have meaningful (but of course one sided) discussions.

Call it desperate, banal, delusional, cutting edge or beyond the times it is the new and widely adopted approach for falling in love for all those lonely men in Japan.

Think of it this way, apart from having to occasionally wash the pillow sheets your dating expenses will be minimal, and yes at first it may be awkward taking your new girlfriend out to social outings but eventually people will warm up to the idea and will not think too much one way or another as you hold your sexy pillow girl around her pillow waist.

In case you were wanting to know where you can meet these girls called Nisan and ordinarily retailing for $70 or there abouts (who said you can’t buy love!) you might havre to fly to Japan.

Of course we know these type of relationships are not for everyone, but think of it this way, if you were ever in the mood to have a harem of these girls you could and none would be the wiser and complain you were cheating – unless that is you were to tell them….

Falling in love with objects that resemble human beings, as long as your mind doesn’t get in the way might just work for you…

Love in 2-D