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Trying to figure out where you will do coke, look faux glamorous and appropriately jittery now that Beatrice is going bye bye…


the-disappointing-things-thThe disappointing things that happen in your lifetime…


Oh well, it looks it’s final, fantastic coke den and faux glamour hang out spot –Beatrice is set to surely not get a chance in hell to let you come back and behave as if you were in hell.

According to trash bag in the wind the NY POST (excessive reading will make you go blind and stupid kids…) ‘Beatrice’ is up against stiff residential resistance as it tries to woo support for it’s liquor license. That said we decided to have a heart to heart think about where you could now go and carry on with your wicked ways.

First runner up choice from some empirical observations- The Jane St Hotel. The crowd is young enough, thirsty to match faux glamour standards and the lavatories (5 of them and very accommodating) will surely provide lots of head and knee room to do the things we’ve been told you love.

Second runner up choiceThe Box. The Box from memory still allows for plenty of savage behavior and all that is required is a modicum of discretion but after watching the main acts thrusting dildos in the front end – it’s pretty much open season.

Third runner up choice– Your bedroom. This from what we have been told and have observed upon the occasional house visit remains most people’s penultimate favorite. You are close to your bed when it is time to knock out, close to your bed when it’s time to make good on the ‘bullshit’ feel good lies that should by now have seduced some random partner and over all you are spared the aggravation of loud music and the toxic sound of rude people that would normally be banging on the toilet door

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