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Noah Tepperberg- “We don’t call it bottle service, we call it table service…”


bottle-serviceWhat’s in a name and will you keep spending the dollars..?


This weekend’s edition of the NYT’s style section had the audacity to amuse us beyond our sleepy summer sofas. Reading with intrigue we came to find out that night club impresarios like Noah, (owner of Avenue ) and Chris Reda( owner of the Griffin) have come to rely on new adjectives and curtain colors to keep convincing you that $350- $500 for a bottle of $45 vodka (the ultimate arbitrage trade) is still worth what you used to pay for it when you were flush.

Now we’re all collectively poorer and trying to come up with clever jingoes, idioms and curtain color schemes to get you to spend baby spend.

And spend you will- if you want a piece of the action and the elusive element of glamour assuming it still means that much to you.

Thankfully living in a shiny city like NY, glamour will always mean the world and those of us who know how to re brand ‘bottle service ‘ to the less haughty sounding ‘bottle service’ might let themselves get confused and shell out those dollars.

We hardly think so, we think by now when we are spending $400 for a bottle of vodka it’s beyond table service and probably all about ‘glamour service.

Now that’s a new name for Noah to think of next time he’s re thinking his pricing and menu service

First one on you Noah.

Drink, Dance, but Don’t Say ‘Club’

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