Home Scandal and Gossip Madonna shocks us with her super skinny body and bulging muscles.

Madonna shocks us with her super skinny body and bulging muscles.


madonna-shocks-usThe regiments that world icons are forced to maintain…


Madonna has managed to get back in the limelight this weekend after shutter bugs spotted her in the semi raw with the type of physique that would make a/ most heroin users drool, b/ most medical students weep and c/ most magazine editors wince.

That of course is no thing one way or another as Madonna preeminent pop star and marketing mogul is constantly on the go to transform the fantasy that you wish to see her reside in.

We just like to thank Madonna for having the stamina and the discipline to look the way she does, even if what she looks like isn’t anyone’s particular view of hot.

Then again, 400 push ups a day and running 16 miles with a log around your neck is bound to have some results. Yeah Madonna!

A shock lesson in anatomy as super skinny Madonna reveals her protruding muscles and bulging veins

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  • Peter

    muscles dont seem to be bulging. I came in here expecting her to look good and in shape. God damn, that is scary. It looks like someone let the air out of her.
    She would do well to start acting in zombie movies. In fact, with a little work, she could pass for l4d’s spitter.

  • Safara

    If so, ogeeeeeeeeeed. Oh Gawd and Oh lawd.

  • junk culture

    This is why girls should never exercise

  • Rosenthal

    Michael Jackson wannabe.