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Inventing new gimmicks just to keep you fit and your gym rich.


fitnessThe exciting ways we can flex a trapeze muscle.

There used to be a stage even in this author’s life, keeping fit obliged one to finding a pair of comfortable shoes, a pleasant day and the capacity and desire to either run or walk quickly. Granted if one was obliged one could then do a series of stretches, calisthenics they call them and even the occasional push up.

Those days we are afraid are gone. One is now instead obliged to find them selves a gym (hence the gyms making money part) where you will learn how to do circus tricks, pole dancing (okay this has been around since I was 17 as well as the last two years at gyms), anti gravity yoga (the name itself makes us wince), fire fighter work outs (we’d rather wait for the real thing if and ever it happens).

Reading the article and munching on our potato crisp and swiss cheese sandwich we were even perplexed to read in the NYT’s article that caught our attention that gym members often break down and cry (this we understand) but then they come back anyway (this we don’t ).

In any event, we’re sure as your big wedding day approaches or whatever seuddenly necessitates your need to be cruel and irrational to yourself you’ll find inventive ways to size yourself up.

Us? We’re just going to go for a long walk around the park with our packet of cigarettes.

The Trapeze, the Catwalk, the Gym

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  • watched this tonight

    have been to a class as well. Not worth it for people who can do yoga without help, but flipping upside down does have some erotic component when wrapped in all that silk.