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Video games that burn the most calories

Video games that burn calories
Video games that will you burn plenty of calories & raise your heart rate
Video games that burn calories
Video games that will you burn plenty of calories & raise your heart rate. Pictured the ever popular Fortnite online game.

Video games that will you burn plenty of calories: gaming as an alternative to regular gruelling physical exercise and raising heart rate.  

When it comes to burning calories, most people think that undertaking high-intensity training is the best way to go about it.

However, recent research by Betway Insider has dispelled that notion by highlighting an activity that many individuals think requires little effort.

A study was conducted on seven of the most popular video games to discover which are the most effective at burning calories and raising heart rate.

While the concept of gaming a potential calorie-burner may seem like an alien concept to regular gym-goers, the results were pretty surprising.

A group of 17 gamers were tasked with playing the games for an unbroken 90-minute session to determine the impact on heart rate and calorie burning.

The hugely successful Fortnite came out on top, with participants burning an average of 194 calories each during the one-and-a-half-hour period.

FIFA (189) and Call of Duty: Warzone (188) were not far behind Fortnite, while Apex Legends (180), Elden Ring (177), Minecraft (172) and Grand Theft Auto (164) completed the list.

To put the results into perspective, you would need to perform a whopping 353 squats at the gym to equal the number of calories burned during 90 minutes of playing Fortnite.

Alternatively, you could do 162 push-ups or 239 crunches to achieve the same result, all of which sounds far too strenuous!

In addition to being excellent at burning calories, Fortnite also came out on top of the test to determine which game got your heart racing most on average.

Participants’ heart rates increasing to an average 89 BPM during a 90-minute gaming session – a result that highlights the game’s thrilling nature.

While the study will console gamers that they shedding a fair number of calories while playing, it is worth noting that there are plenty other activities that burn more per hour.

Exercise/body weight 125lbs 155lbs 185lbs
Running 652 808 965
Water polo 566 703 839
Cycling 480 596 710
Calisthenics 480 596 710
Circuit training 480 596 710
Jump rope 453 562 671
Stationary cycling 420 520 622
Rowing machine 420 520 622
Aerobic dance 396 492 587
Swimming 396 492 587
Jogging 396 492 587
Hiking 340 421 503


The calories listed are an estimate and the exact calorie burn depends on factors such as intensity, duration and your weight.

If the prospect of embarking on traditional workout activities leaves you feeling cold, gaming could provide you with a suitable alternative.

Developers have expertly tapped into the popularity of fitness activities by creating a vast array of games designed to get your blood pumping.

For example, Until You Fall utilises virtual reality (VR) technology to transport players into a world where they become a Rune Knight.

After choosing two weapons, you must attack enemies to damage their armour and use your arms and whole body to fend off incoming attacks.

Ring Fit Adventure is another excellent example of gaming and fitness merging, with players required to go head-to-head with a ripped bodybuilding dragon.

For people who would rather not face manic enemies, the thoroughly entertaining Just Dance will soon have you working up a sweat in your living room.

You can start your own routine with the Sweat Mode and keep yourself motivated by tracking the time spent dancing and how many calories you burned.

When you feel ready you can join the enhanced World Dance Floor to compete online against other players from across the world.

Regardless of which video game you decide to play, you can enjoy the experience knowing that you will be burning plenty of calories.