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How to get laid in Afghanistan for sure.


how-to-get-laid-in-afghanisA fail safe method that will have you getting laid and hated at the same time…

Have any of you girls been over to Afghanistan lately, checked out the dating scene there? WELL IF WE COULD ADVISE YOU- don’t!! As much as you hate men in the Western world you will spared the wonderful phenomenon of being deprived your food and if that doesn’t inspire lust you get to be raped anyway.

According to recent legislation meant to assuage a growing problem in Afghanistan, the clerics have deemed it legal for a man to either deprive his spouse food, shelter or just rape her anyway.

So may we advise, talk the stuff over with the man and just think for a second how if some wife doesn’t feel like putting out she might not be getting to eat that week in Afghanistan.

Then again, at least some of you girls get your man to buy you diamonds and nice expensive vacations and dinners before you put out anyway. If only they could the same in Afghanistan too.

Afghanistan – A fun place to be if you are a woman and if you’re not in the mood to put out

that day.

Afghanistan legalizes rape, starvation of women

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