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Afghan children fed pure opium.


Don’t you wish you were a child living in Afghanistan too?

Just in case you’ve been wondering how bad things really are in Afghanistan today comes this harrowing tale out of Afghanistan courtesy of CNN that should have you wondering what would cause outrage in the western world is just a simple way of life in a devastated nation.

cnn: In a far flung corner of northern Afghanistan, Aziza reaches into the dark wooden cupboard, rummages around, and pulls out a small lump of something wrapped in plastic.

She unwraps it, breaking off a small chunk as if it were chocolate, and feeds it to four-year-old son, Omaidullah. It’s his breakfast — a lump of pure opium.

Breaks it into chunks as if it were a strawberry coated chocolate bar, but in fact is a nice wholesome 100 percent fully loaded barb of opium. Full of nutrients that will have all the kids spinning uncontrollably in their heads and singing hymns of utter bliss and disconnect in their minds. The type of things you normally like to wake up to when you first open that candy box sitting by the bedside.

“If I don’t give him opium he doesn’t sleep,” she says. “And he doesn’t let me work.”

In some parts of the world if a mother doesn’t give her child a whiff of mother’s milk, Dr Peppers, a french frie or the supple touch of nature’s goodness it’s liable to go into disarray. Here in Afghanistan- it’s being deprived the candy box full of pure opium that will have the neighborhood kids wailing in disbelief.

Aziza comes from a poor family of carpet weavers in Balkh province. She has no education, no idea of the health risks involved or that opium is addictive.

“We give the children opium whenever they get sick as well,” she says, crouching over her loom.

She also gives the kids when they get sick too. Aren’t these kids lucky? They get a boxful of pure opium when they wake up, when they’re hungry, when they’re noisy and even when they’re sick too. Is that a deal any parent could ever pass up, let alone any child?

With no real medical care in these parts and the high cost of medicine, all the families out here know is opium.

It’s a cycle of addiction passed on through generations.

So while all we know in the western world is Justin Bieber , the mad dash of another media whore  and a nourishing bar of high fructose corn syrup, these kids get to have their own very potent substitute in place of misery, lethargy, and illness- a pure bar of pure opium- and for that at least we’re willing to bet it’s sugar free and heck even fat free.

The adults take opium to work longer hours and ease their pain.

Aziza’s elderly mother-in-law, Rozigul, rolls a small ball in her fingers and pops it into her mouth with a small smile before passing a piece over to her sister.

When life becomes simply to hectic and out of control, shouldn’t you just reach for your own bar of pure opium? It’s sure to take care of your problems until it creates an even bigger one the next time you look out that window view.



  1. Islam is a wretched religion. It’s sexist against women and it views non-Muslims as infidels. You don’t find this sort of vile mindset coming from the Hindus or Buddhists. The more of these bastards that die off the better we’ll all be. Hopefully one day the Afganni people will reclaim their Buddhist and Hindu roots and be free of Islam all-together.

  2. It’s a shame that some of the most ignorant people in the world are the ones who are given the bully pulpit to spew misinformation and hysteria on almost every subject imaginable.
    You obviously have done no research whatsoever about opium, and your ignorance is a perfect tool in the hands of your employers/handlers to continue the dumbing-down of the public. Until you admit that you are not knowledgeable about opium, you will continue to be used as a useful dupe in the continuing misinformation propaganda. Wake up, please, you’ll actually love it. You will lose your job, but you’ll love it.

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