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Goldman Sachs pervert caught soliciting 15 year old for sex.



The things that bankers and their alumni keep trying to get away with.


This is too delicious even for us to resist. Out of celebrity chaser journal the Daily News comes the ‘sugar coated but not so good natured tale’ of power house attorney Todd Genger, legal council for preeminent banking and investment house Goldman Sachs who managed to get himself busted soliciting sex of a minor on an undercover string operation. Can everyone now breathe out slowly.

Todd, one of many lawyers responsible in soliciting your tax funds for the bail out of Goldman last year (funds which were coincidentally used to generate earth shattering returns, not that you saw them….) and one would wonder trying to fxxx society one more time was brought last night (finally) to his knees.

Gung ho on his arrogance and chutzpah, good natured Todd proceeded to do what he’s been getting very accustomed to do to society but this time with a minor. Never mind that Genger is married and has three kids this chap about town was adamant from his internet portal to get what he was setting out to get. (he was arrested on his way to consummate the illegal relationsdhip…)

Of course this is not to say Todd’s behavior is tolerated by his (ex)? employer but we do wonder if two peas in a pod make for a perfect soup?

We of course will let you work this out for yourself and meanwhile we say goodbye to another corporate boy who couldn’t help believing he was above it all…

DA: Goldman Sachs lawyer Todd Genger caught soliciting ’15-year-old’

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