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Art of Fashion- discovering beauty in the rough.



Stepping back into the crowd I set out on a quest to find the photographers in charge of the artwork. Finally finding my targets, something all of them had in common other than their talents was their way of using Craigslist as the catalyst to discovering this event. Another commonality was their ultimate dream of working for a magazine on fashion editorial photo shoots. When it came to their actual photography, however, it could not be any more different visually, yet contextually their messages were the same. Tiffany Danielle captured people in her photographs as “their true-selves – finding beauty amongst their imperfections.” Jito Lee “searched for beauty in the ugly,” through employing the use of the bold colors and out of the ordinary backgrounds. Desi Adorn had her work showcased digitally on the TV screen in the front of the room “showcasing women’s bodies and capturing beauty that is non-conventional.” Another photographer: Dagmar Paulova, created nude portraits to fulfill her “obsession with the female body.”

In the end, despite their discernibly distinct styles, their implication was essentially the same. Finding beauty within the rough; being able to pinpoint the small trickles of magnificence within a brittle jagged world. In essence the altruistic task of any competent and awe inspiring fashion photographer…

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