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Is there any chance that Phil Spector and Bernie end up becoming new room mates?


The most fabulous people of 2009 we’d like to see become ‘special’ new room mates…

Now that the bad guys are finally get round up and being sent to that place they never thought they’d end up going is there a way we can alleviate their pain by pairing them with celebrity inmates?

How’s a celebrity to rehabilitate himself unless he gets to hang out with other tainted celebrities? That said, now that Bernie’s gone for life, may we suggest a consortium of revolving ‘celebrity’ room mates that will help Bernie pass the time . Let’s hope he of course doesn’t try to ponzi them out of cigarettes or worse match sticks…


2bernie_madoffPreferred guest mate, number 1- Phil Spector.

Why? (1)Cold blooded killer. They can spend hours being cold blooded with each other.

(2) Both have grand self delusions. Now that they have a lifetime to contend with,



perhaps they can practise deluding each other.

Preferred guest mate, number 2- Adolf Hitler.

Why? (1) Because what Adolf wasn’t able to finish off Bernie will surely conspire to finish off…

(2) Both can talk about all the great leaders they fooled into complicity and how the jail warden will be next…







Preferred guest mate, when he finally arrives, number 3- Dick Cheney.


Why? (1) Like Bernie, Dick likes to run things from the shadows, and from what we understand there are a lot of shadows for these brilliant fellows to conspire from- more French fries on the weekend, and sudden beatings of ‘Arabs, Terrorists’ in the other jail block…

Of course the only way this could all backfire is if Bernie ends up swindling his room mates. But you know what they say, bad habits are hard to unlearn…

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