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Guess who made it as your new prom queen?


prom-queenBoys will be boys but sometimes if they’re in the mood they’ll also become other things. Why decline?


It seems things in LA just got a little more decadent. It all started when kids at FAIRFAX high started questioning gender roles, who could actually make it as a prom queen, and so what, when finally when it came time for the voting – Sergio Garcia– an openly admitted (and we bet flamboyant ) gay was voted in as the school’s new prom queen. And we of course do mean – ‘Queen!!’

Others of course were upset that Sergio didn’t just run for prom king, but really what’s a girl to do when her calling finally arrives?

Of course we can’t just wait to see Sergio strut it in NY where he, excuse us ‘she’ obviously belongs…

Fairfax High’s prom queen is a guy

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  • claire

    I would love a private strut lesson. I might have presence, yet I think a little gay moody spunk could take me to new levels of eye catch- appeal.