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Sally Shan. More than just a Club Promoter?


img_8530fTrained in acting and directing Sally has found herself in a movie role greater than she could’ve possibly hoped to book over in Hollywood. At this rate, one shouldn’t even count that out as an option. In a culture that is seemingly random in who it heaps fame, accolades and rewards a simple discussion with the recipient of such accolades makes it clear, although devices and stunts exist to engender entrance to the front stage, staying beyond one’s first hit single requires stamina, composure and humility.

As I sip my drink Sally is assuring me that the champagne and the birthday cake are on the way, and of course I appreciate that and I am touched. Yet what I really want to know is how does someone admittedly very bright, personable and very much liked manage to stay in front of the curve?

Don’t you ever wonder if this will ever go away?

Yes, I do. But I just accept it. I really didn’t plan it. But it’s here, and I have all these people chasing me, booking me, asking me to endorse the parties in the Hamptons, be at this fashion line. And it’s great, but I try not to get too carried away by it.

Would you say you are a club promoter?

Some people may think that, but really I’m just this girl who is in disbelief that this is happening to her. I kind of keep waiting for it to end. But it doesn’t. It just keeps getting bigger.

And if it doesn’t?

I’m fine with that too. Really at the end I’m an artist. This is just one form of expressing myself. I’m enjoying myself, and I’m open to whatever may or may not come my way.

It’s at this point that I’ve got to attend to an office emergency, and I have to rush outside to tend to matters in hand and paradoxically my own ascent in cultural endeavors.

So there I am, everything finally under control, the warm Saturday night breathing on us, the clock pushed one hour forward and the incessant blinking on my I-phone.

“Just let me know if you want me to save you a slice of birthday cake. Lol, Sally.”

I look up at Gatsby’s sky, push an American Spirit to my lips and as I turn to light it I imagine for a moment the ever affable Sally Shan lighting her own candles….




  1. she is always being promoted because she has a nice poo-naa-nee and definitely knows how and when to use it………………

  2. Sally is an utter doll!She cares about her friends,I’m one of them,aswell as her guests,she is a rare nyc treasure..she Really is a good person,who wants to bring people out for a night of fun,its stupid when people try to hate on someone who is SO genuine..
    A Squared…

  3. She is seriously cool. She likes making people around her happy and that is fucking great in my book. i know when i work with her energy makes my night ten times more enjoyable. i’m glad to be her friend and look forward to many other cool parties and good times 🙂 fuck the insecure haters above me (Excuse my french 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

  4. Ladies & Gents,

    It’s a very small industry, be nice and play nice… Have some class or at least be tactful.

    “A person whom hides from their own words, seems to cast a cowards shadow!”…Randy Rockstar

  5. Try not name dropping co-sponsors of events who really are not involved. Spent half a day with a corporate board deciding whether or not to put you out of business and have you barred from doing any events with any reputable venue. Unauthorized use of name and likeness damages reputations, business good will, and trademark value and you should know better (or did they not teach you that in the trailer park?). Cheapens all that you touch and next time it happens, no quarter will be spared.

    Happy Birthday part 3 you ho

  6. sally is a refreshing change of attitude in clubdom. “anonymous” i’m not sure how to define tacky these days although i have been paid for decades to do just that. what i think is tacky is to critisize someone you dont know or have never met and to place yourself in a position as socially above them. sally is just chill and i enjoy the time i have spent with her and her friends.

  7. i’ve met many promoters, mostly males – and its not the most enjoyable experience. but sally definitely makes her guests feel welcome, speaks to them all .. pours me fabulous drinks – she’s good at what she does, plain and simple. happy birthday!

  8. Sally kicks ass. What makes her a successful and excellent “promoter” is because she makes all her guests feel welcome. Sally always makes sure her guests are having a great time even if it is at the expense of her own. I know few “promoters” that do this.
    Happy Birthday Sally, you Rock.
    -Brian Lavezzoli

  9. Anonymous 1 & 2… I must totally disagree…

    * “Anyone.,exclusive places” – pretty sure you were among that catagory at one time, that were new to the “A” list society. You are a shame, remember where you came from!

    * “Constant Covergae of this promoter” – all I can say to this is wouldyou like a chance to be featured? If not STFU and get in line…

    To all, this writer has commended Sally on doing something in record time unlike the rest of us… Sally is nothing less than what was written in the above article. Embrace it and accept it!

    Should you have an issue feel free to drop me a comment at randyrockstar@gmail.com or just have some courage to not be anonyumous and speak to me about it!


    Randy Rockstar – “Paying promoter’s rent for 15years”

  10. I understand the coverage of art and culture but why the constant coverage of that club promoter. Hardly interesting. Nothing against her or you but its just doesn’t fit and seems a bit silly. Just my two cents.

  11. She’s soo Tacky and people that are with her are just as tacky. They really just let ANYONE in “exclusive” places now. Such a shame.

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