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Omar Vega: No Love Lost.


SCV: So your role is to deconstruct, reflect and put the wearer closer to the now?

Omar: It’s to get them to question their tastes, and at the same time enjoy them, in a very unique detailed way.

SCV: What are your plans for the line?

Omar: We are taking our time. Looking for a really good seamstress, as all our clothes are handmade. And to grow the business organically. After all, I’ve worked for a whole bunch of designers and made them all very rich. ie Quicksand, Clientel, Russ, Kimalo Elke.  It’s about time I made some real money too.

SCV: Somehow I don’t believe money is the motivator for you.

(He stops to look at me, his finger clicking on the keyboard, and his gaze somewhere really beyond me).

Omar: You’re right. It’s not, but then again I’m compelled.

SCV: And by virtue so are we…

Perhaps it’s this thoughtfulness that has remained with me, and the idea that dichotomy, commonality and intricate design and accessibility can be installed. Installed when many years ago he was told to keep his mouth shut…

Omar Vega, definitely a wonderful talent to be reckoned with.