Home Nightlife McMullan Transforms Greenhouse into Studio 54.

McMullan Transforms Greenhouse into Studio 54.


Did you have your four-leaf clover on stage tonight?

Green eyes shining, her mouth oozed “I don’t believe in luck, I believe in karma. What comes around goes around.” Leaving me speechless, she sauntered off in her floor length green dress trailing behind her.


Suddenly I saw the abs again, on stage. The kelly green polyester blend dangled from his waist. Visual artists, so that’s what they are calling it these days. His dancing partner thrust Flashdance kicks into the air and twirled in a black thong leotard, green sequin shall, and knee high boots. After their performance I snagged a quick one. “What is the greenest thing in your apartment?” Before the abs could answer, Flashdance replied “The fungus growing on his d*@k.” With a cackle she whirled him away.

The guy beside me asked, “Was that Amy Winehouse?” I laughed and turned the page.

What’s your name?

“Johnny Holiday. I’m a screenwriter.”

Are you looking to get lucky this St. Patty’s Day?

Without much probing he continued, “To tell you the truth the girls here are kinda has-beens.”


His mate commented, “He’s just bitter, let a good one get away.”

What happened?

“Well you see, I met this girl, cute brunette. But then I fell for a blonde. Took the blonde in the bathroom and had my way with her mouth. When I came back the brunette was gone. All I can say is man I wish I had that brunette back.”

Did she have a name?

Before he could respond I caught the glimpse of beautiful petite hand in my left eye reaching to introduce herself. He whispered don’t tell her what I just told you.

I smiled and excused myself.

Towards the end of the evening, I caught Sally Shan in the hallway texting away, rapidly calling in her troops, she glanced up at me quizzically.

Shan: “Who’s throwing this party?”

Patrick McMullan.

Shan: “Whose that?”

I didn’t reply.

Shan: “How do you spell it?”

No reply.

Coat check, please.

Such are the pitfalls, delights and wonderful goings of a scene that refuses to go away, but really we wouldn’t want it any other way…