Home Fashion Andres Aquino goes Waltz Darling and Lion King too.

Andres Aquino goes Waltz Darling and Lion King too.

Photography by Seana Cavanagh.

Saturday’s production of Andres Aquino couture show (the man behind the Waldorf Astoria’s Couture Fashion Week) was like spending an afternoon in some Viennese majestic courtyard sipping tea and then a languorous walk  over to the wild side with African, theatrical induced sensibilities. If one had a cigarette at their side one wouldn’t have thought Andres would have minded…

_skc0104021509Andre’s girls started their evening on the prowl, willfully gesticulating tre feminine sensibilities, vibrantly colored silk chamois, pale ambers and congruent lilacs. Waltzing in tune to the idea in Andre’s mind one was want of believing that they had just arrived at a turn of the century Viennese production, ensconced in whimsical delight and puffed waists reminiscent of a bell pepper.

The bodice look that started at the opera then continued itself to the next part of the majestic show at hand with muscle clad men delivering Sheba of the gods prowness. Aware that we were in a Lion Kings like production the audience allowed themselves to absorb the painted masks, the soundtrack,  the cascading beads, the embroidered tunics and the vibrant prune colored saris. If only the Raj had been present Simba would have been heralded, but all in all an inspiring show, and a thunderous audience applause.


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