Which Gay hook up dating site should you be on?

Why not rent a fantasy today?

Figuring out the best man for you. According to Gawker, if you’re going to cruise the web for another fait accompli you need to be aware that not all men come equal. Or to put it another way, the type of man one gay web dating site may attract may attract another somewhere else. Confused? […]

News reporters that smoke crack are only slightly more jittery than non smoking crack journalists.


A Braver type of journalist has arrived in America. From Gawker comes an interesting tale of the brave new world of journalism: Former North Carolina TV newsman Jon Robinson is more interesting than most TV newsmen: “What I really wanted to say [on air] is, ‘I shot heroin last night and smoked crack and watched […]

Brittany Murphy’s Death sets the paparazzi off.


A minute must have passed before TMZ were next to Brittany Murphy’s death bed analyzing ‘exactly’ what had led to her death and what her death meant for America and by implication whether her recent lapse in work professionalism was tied to the possible bogey man called ‘drug addiction’ that has seen a number of […]

Jon Gosselin no longer wanted by Reality Tv.


Dropped and made an example of.   Jon Gosselin has apparently fallen out of favor with TLC executives who had been until now been putting up with his misbehavior? In a sign that common sense and retribution exist in America the producers decided to cut Jon from the ‘Jon and Kate plus 8,’ making the […]

The Khloe Kardashian feeding frenzy nearly causes Ok magazine to throw up.


When the paparazzi can’t throw enough money at an American enigma. What is the fascination with the Kardashian family and why are media companies willing to throw stupid amounts of money at the family who just keep laughing all the way to the bank and forth? In today’s NY Post (Gutter) we read with intrigue […]

Celebrity Bar room Brawl. When Reality stars like to beat the crap out of each other.


Violence in America.   We’re not sure what to make of this story except to say that the American dream isn’t getting closer for this lot. In any event it left a tycoon (Joe Francis of ‘Girls Gone Wild,’) badly battered, reality TV star Brody Jenner tazered (and in police custody) and his girlfriend Jayde […]

Dominick Dunne – Another Celebrity Bites the dust.


The year celebrities started to die off.   We here at Scallywag and Vagabond are rather touched with the recent passing of a Mr. Dominick Dunne. A wonderful personal influence on this author, our talks, his journey and self redemption have always inspired me. A drinking man’s drinking man, misfit after he climbed the social […]

Lindsay Lohan decides to turn her life into a ‘Reality Show.’


When reality stops meaning anything anymore…   Define reality? Define surreal and define wishful thinking. These might be some of the things you might be asking yourself this morning as the disgraced starlet ‘Lilo’ begins according to the UK’s Mirror to shop the idea of her own reality show. In theory it all sounds wonderful […]

Lindsay Lohan feels nearly as ‘violated’ as us.


When ‘Lilo’ starts to twitter that she feels helpless.   ‘Lilo’ our favorite celebrity, misguided 22 year old on both coasts of the US has set to twittiering fans and friends alike that she feels ‘violated’ and ‘scared’ after a recent Hollywood break in that she fears was a personal attack that left her ripped […]

Celebrity Chris Brown really screws up.


When the law finally catches up to you.   Welcome to the very unhappy next 5 years of celebrity Chris Brown’s life, where the singer endured a humiliating array of punishment for his less than stellar behavior. Behavior which finally caught up with and will more than likely see him ducking his head as he […]

Paula chooses to die on Iberian Airlines.


When the most inconvenient things happen whilst on holiday.   Have you heard of the expression ‘life goes on?’ Well sometimes it doesn’t. Actually to be quite blunt life, yours, mine and everybody’s eventually comes to a close. That said while Paula Slah, 40 of Chelmford- Essex, England was on board an Iberian flight heading […]

What were the top ten numbers in Lilo’s missing Blackberry?


An effort to find out whose numbers cry baby Lilo was afraid of losing.   We’ve all been there, when we wake up later the next day and realize our I –phones, Blackbery’s, Motorolas are missing. For most of us it’s the inconvenience and expenseinvolvedin having to get a new phone, but for some of […]