Rebecca Martinson has foul mouthed tweets too. More shit courtesy of Delta Gamma sorority’s University of Maryland.

Rebecca Martinson-Rebecca Martinson

Rebecca Martinson is also a preferred hawt bixch.

Oh really? Rebecca Martinson now offered porn gig with

Wow! Rebecca Martinson is now offered a paid internship with the tabloids.

The world reacts to Rebecca Martinson’s resignation.

Rebecca Martinson finally resigns from Delta Gamma Sorority

Rebecca Martinson’s sorority Delta Gamma to lose its charter?

Rebecca Martinson to be punished for her deranged Delta Gamma sorority letter.

Rebecca Martinson of Delta Gamma sorority gets a Barbie video take too.

Michael Shannon gives the perfect Deranged Sorority letter reading courtesy of Rebecca Martinson.

Identity of Delta Gamma sorority’s University of Maryland freeky letter writer revealed.

Delta Gamma sorority’s University of Maryland creepy letter will make you gush.

Indiana University’s Kappa Delta sorority attend make believe homeless party and make fools of themselves.

Are you a Swug? Senior washed up girls who no longer believe in love (for now).

Suzy Lee Weiss ivy league letter causes America to reflect on the misery of getting ahead.

Kids a cursory check on the web this morning has really revealed to me the degree of bad ass attitude and foul mouth that our consummate hero Rebecca Martinson really has up her sleeve. (but don’t you worry Becky, I reckon there are still a lot of frat brothers that would not mind spending an afternoon with you and their beer keg).

As you all remember Rebecca Martinson came to world attention (I know aren’t you happy Becky?) after her foul mouth attitude made it over there at gawker courtesy of a tipster who probably could not believe the shit they were reading when Becky’s fuming letter concerning the state of affairs of sorority meets over there at the University of Maryland were really stacking up. In short not too damn well and as you can imagine that shit really rubbed Becky the wrong way. Which resulted in her delicious rant that will soon become textbook bible necessary memorization for any aspiring sorority sister.

Yet there are more surprises. Cause the internet has unearthed some real foul mouth attitude courtesy of Rebecca Martinson who for some reason just can’t stop putting her foot in it. Yes her since removed twitter page (can anyone guess why?) will soon explain why.

Isn’t it time you called on Becky for that sorority slumber party too?




On gay rights: “Why am I not surprised that the girl w/ a pink mohawk and cargo pants is talking about LGBT rights when it doesn’t even apply to this class.”

On the elderly: “Old people everywhere.”

And on being white: “Being overprivileged and white makes shopping in ghetto malls so fucking difficult #amex.”

Yes Becky is one kind of wonderful isn’t she?

And for a delicious rendition of Rebecca Martinson’s diabolical rant there’s this youtube video below that had me snorting ice cubes mixed with Jacky Dewar and left overs….

Rebecca Martinson

Rebecca Martinson far right.

above picture found here

  • Lex

    Good luck in the real world, little girl. You deserve everything coming to you. What a douchebag.

  • AndrewT

    She is the kind of person that ends up drinking herself to death at 40.

  • Jake

    Her reddit profile has some good stuff, too:

  • e jerry powell

    We should be so lucky.

  • Guy

    Does this count as slut shaming?

  • Intenseaholic

    She’s attractive and know how to write a half decent sentence. She’ll be fine. You’ll be wallowing in self pity over how the world didn’t give you a fair shot, but she’ll be fine.

  • Olympia01


  • Nathaniel Gatewood

    I don’t remember reading a half decent sentence in that letter. It might be decent for an 8th grader..

  • King of Sigma Nu

    Holy shit. This creature is beyond ditzy. She has literally never written a single intelligent sentence in her sad existence. She definitely won’t find employment. She can chill out with her Sigma Nu obsession, too…we don’t really give that much of a shit if one of them has a boyfriend in another frat and wants to hang out with him…we have girlfriends in other sororities too, quit being so insecure.

  • Daisee Dukes

    Never confuse cunt shaming with slut shaming. #cuntpunt

  • Joe Mahma

    Rebecca Martinson IS Awesome.

  • Joe Mahma

    She’s apparently a perfectionist. Why do so many people have a problem with that?

  • JackOfAllTrades84

    A perfectionist who types in all caps? lmao

    All caps is for retarded 8th graders.

  • JackOfAllTrades84

    God dude you just must be smitten over her aren’t you? lol

    Hint there’s plenty of attractive women who don’t sound like they’re on enough crack to start their own cartel.

  • JackOfAllTrades84

    A little bet yeah, though in all honesty she half brought it on herself by sending out that retarded email. More likely though she’ll learn a much needed lesson that her parents never taught her, she just learned it the hard way.

  • Kurt Steinberg

    Big fucking deal. So she sent a nasty email that was supposed to be private. Why do you and other websites have to try to ruin her life? It isn’t like she killed someone or even committed a crime. Why don’t you leave her alone?

  • LK312

    Why do I have this sick feeling that she is a finance major who wants to go into investment banking for a year or two so she can land a rich husband and never work again?

  • Joe Mahma

    It’s common to type select words and phrases in all caps to make a point. She didn’t type the entire email in caps. We need more people like Rebecca Martinson in the world.