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Top 3 Specialty Games You Should Try At Online Casinos

Online Casinos Specialty Games
Online Casinos Specialty Games: 3 best speciality games you should check out at Online Casinos
Online Casinos Specialty Games
Online Casinos Specialty Games: 3 best speciality games you should check out at Online Casinos. Latest game inspired by classic game, Space Invaders.

Learn more about games that are not a part of standard game libraries offered by online casinos and how they’re different from the regular ones.

Online Casinos Specialty Games 

The standard range of games in many online casinos includes table games, slots, blackjack, video poker, etc. These games also come with a standard set of bonuses that also have gained immense popularity among players.

All experienced online casino players are familiar with promo methods that serve to attract new users, as well as to reward the loyalty of existing ones, such as the Syndicate Casino no deposit bonus

Bonuses like this are a great way to build a relationship between the site and the players, but the only problem is that the players got used to rewards over time, and the need for innovations arose. That resulted in the emergence of games that couldn’t get placed in the categories mentioned but are certainly attractive to online casino users. 

Some of them are so good that they are the only reason some players visit online casino sites. Below are the three best speciality games you should check out because these games will definitely impact the future of online gambling in a big way.

1. Bingo Goal

Bingo Goal is a well-known special game based on real-life soccer, so it’s very attractive to soccer fans when they want to take a break from playing poker or slots. 

However, it’s pretty simple to play, so you don’t have to possess any special soccer knowledge to enjoy its charm.

As its name suggests, Bingo Goal combines the best features of soccer and bingo, so the gambling aspect is not left out. Once you start, four cards to choose from will appear. After making a bet, the balls are shot by an animated striker wearing a Brazil jersey. The upper section of the screen is reserved for the predetermined patterns, which can go from 100% of the initial bet up to a 1500 multiplier if your manage to hit them.

The game includes a bonus round as well, along with the six hidden net spots offering bonus wins and a progressive jackpot. Regardless of whether you like soccer or not, this game is very entertaining, and you should check it out as soon as you get the chance.

2. Space Invaders

If you ever played the classic arcade game Space Invaders, zero convincing is needed for you to try this amazing casino special. Once you start flying the spaceship you’ll instantly get brought back into an era of sega-mega old-school video gaming.

However, if you’re not one of those hit by nostalgia, Space Invasion is worth checking out because of its entertainment factor and flashiness. It is no surprise considering it’s developed by Playtech studio.

Thanks to its beautiful design, Space Invaders feels like an actual video game instead of an online casino special, but you will quickly be reminded about its nature by some of the great bonus features like UFO Climber, Wild Canon Free Spins, Shoot Out, and others.

Some remarks on the game’s payout limit described it as unattractive, but we do not share the same viewpoint. First, for a specialty game, x1,250 a bet is pretty cool and lucrative, which leaves you with a chance of winning the game’s maximum of £250,000.

Making a quarter of a million seems like a dream, especially when it’s done during a break between poker or slot sessions. Win or lose, with Space Invasion – you’re guaranteed a good time.

Online Casinos Specialty Games
Online Casinos Specialty Games Players should try. Featuring Banana Jones Slots.

3. Banana Jones

In contrast to typical slot games, the Banana Jones special requires more than merely spinning the reels. Instead, you want to collect as many valuable symbols as you can before the game board ends.

Depending on the tiles they fall on, players may get specific prizes or penalties. For example, touching down on a vine will advance you even more. However, if you touch a snake’s head, you will fall through the board.

The game also includes additional bonuses. A player will get one more roll for that round if one lands on a dice symbol. A unique bonus gets also unlocked by reaching the sculptures of monkeys.

Another way players can acquire prizes is by spinning a wheel in the bonus games. These awards vary from 0.2 to 50 times your wager. 

You don’t have to finish the game completely to receive cash rewards. You must reach the board’s edge, though, to receive the majority of the prizes. Whether or not a player reaches the board’s end, they still get to keep their reward, which is a huge plus.

Technically, some of these games have the same principles as other popular gamblings. However, the unusual interface, types of bonuses, unique rules and ways of winning – these factors make them special. So, it’s fair to say that these casino titles fall into the category of specialty games. Don’t forget to diversify your online gambling experience from time to time!