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Don’t Know Your Style: Here Are Some Tips

Finding Your Fashion Style
Tips on Finding Your Personal Fashion Style.
Finding Your Fashion Style
Tips on Finding Your Personal Fashion Style. Images via social media. Influences and inspiration to draw on to show the world who you are!

Tips on Finding Your Fashion Style? How to figure out which looks best works for you. Inspiration that shows the world who you are!

What is style? It’s difficult to distinguish, but when you see it, you know. 

The best way to describe it is when an individual pairs together clothes, shoes, and accessories that work visually. 

While coordination in some instances looks great, to emit true style, it’s not always necessary. 

If you’re trying to figure out not just a style to wear, but a style that works for you, here are some tips to get you started. 

Look Inwards 

Finding your style starts by looking inwards

Are you an introvert, with a love for reading, but have a playful side? Or are you artistic, and confident, with an eye for all things colourful? 

Finding your style isn’t necessarily about copying what others wear, and what’s on trend. It’s about finding what clothes represent who you are.

Seek Inspiration 

City trips are a great way to see what everyday people are wearing. We say the city because here is where you often find people with the confidence and umph to wear clothes and accessories others may not have seen, or dare to in their hometown.

When you see something you like, be it streetwear tees with baggy jeans, or a vintage tea dress paired with Kennedy-inspired sunglasses, take note, and try the look on in your own time to see whether you like it.


Put styles to the test to figure out what you like and what works for you by visiting clothing stores and ordering garments online.

While we may love a certain look that Kim Kardashian is rocking, it doesn’t mean it’ll look right on you and flatter your body. 

Experimenting allows you to try on lots of things without committing until you’ve found a style you love, but one that also looks great on you.

Closet Stop

You might be surprised that you have a lot in your closet already that could be used, with the right pieces, to create a style you love.

So hold on to that faux fur jacket and tassel handbag. They may not seem of much use to you now. But once you begin adding new pieces, you may fall in love with them all over again. 


Never underestimate the power of accessories when trying on clothes. Shoes, bags, and jewelry can make the difference between an outfit that looks drab and out of shape, to something that looks chic and in fashion.

So once you have an outfit on, try completing the look with accessories to dress up/down the look. You may be surprised about the difference a belt or earrings can make. 

Budget-Friendly Style

Buying brand-new clothes isn’t the only way to adopt a killer style.

You could also shop at charity stores, swap clothes with friends, and use apps such as eBay and Vinted to find pieces you love, not to mention designer clothing, for less. 

Sleep on It 

Creating and finding your style is a process, so give it some time and thought. 

Particularly, when you’re out shopping, try everything on, but don’t buy anything just yet. 

Take pictures, go home, and sleep on it. The next day, you’ll be closer to discovering how much you liked the outfits you tried on, and which ones are worth investing in. 

You may also awake with new ideas about how to wear a piece of clothing. Or feel inspired to try it with different accessories. 

Have fun With It

Style is a form of self-expression. It should make you feel confident and fashionable.

It’s something that can’t and shouldn’t be rushed. Unless you’re able to try on all the styles of clothing to ever exist within a short period, it’s likely finding what you really like will take some time.

So have as much fun as possible when creating your style, and once you think you’ve found it, don’t stop experimenting with clothing and accessories. As fashion trends evolve and your confidence builds, so should your sense of style.