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Everything you need to know about the upcoming Star Wars movies and TV shows

The StarWars Fandom
The StarWars Fandom: What to expect from upcoming Star Wars TV series & new movie.
The Star Wars Fandom
The Star Wars Fandom: What to expect from upcoming Star Wars TV series & new movie. Pictured, Jude Law who will be appearing in Star Wars: Skeleton Crew for Aug, 2024.

What to expect from upcoming Star Wars TV series & movie being planned: The Star Wars fandom will be awash in spin offs, back stories and surprise  episodes & yet to be released new movie.

The Star Wars franchise seems to have died, although the sequel trilogy ended in 2019 with the Rise of Skywalker. Still, Star Wars brought one of the best storylines to modern pop culture, with a fantastic conflict between good and evil and a lot of character development (apart from Anakin Skywalker). 

The original series is now completed with a new set of movies and shows, some announced or in development. At the moment, there are two Star Wars TV series to be released this year in August, and fans are most excited about them. The Mandalorian spin-off will be animated but will bring some of the best voices for the characters, including Ray Stevenson and Hayden Christensen

We have a very good feeling about this.

Star Wars: Ashoka, set for the 23rd of August, 2023 

The Ashoka series is a spin-off from the Mandalorian and will continue the action from Star Wars Rebels. Ashoka Tano is the show’s main character, and we’ll follow her on an adventure to face the dangers after the Empire’s fall. The actress voicing her is Rosario Dawson, but Savannah Steyn will play the younger version of Ashoka.

The Star Wars fandom is keen on the return of Darth Vader, who sacrificed his life to save Luke Skywalker, his son, who Emperor Palpatine killed. Darth Vader is one of the most complex characters in Star Wars, starting from being loved to being resented. 

The show will have eight episodes, with the first two to be released on the day of the premiere.  

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew, set for 2024 

The Skeleton Crew series will be a coming-of-age set in the same time frame as the Mandalorian. Taking place during the post-Return period, the story revolves around four kids who are lost in the galaxy and want to make their way back home. This adventure will surprise them with discoveries about their home planet, so be prepared for eight suspenseful episodes. 

The most exciting thing about this series is Jude Law cast for playing as a Jedi, while the character’s children will be played by Robert Timothy Smith, who also starred in Good Girls and Ryan Kiera Armstrong from American Horror Story: Double Feature. 

The show will most likely appear in 2024, with more details to be announced. 

Star Wars: Andor Season 2, set for August 2024 

The Andor series is a prequel to two films from the Star Wars franchise, Rogue One and the original movie from 1977. The show follows Cassian Andor, the rebel spy and thief, during the five years before the events of these two movies. The character will be played by Diego Luna, who also played in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. In the series’s first season, we see a Rebel Alliance forming that opposes the Empire. 

However, the second season will expand the vision of the Star Wars experience. In an 

interview, Kyle Soller, the person behind Deputy Inspector Syril Karn’s character, talks about how more people, planets and worlds will be involved in the story. There will be a time jump at the beginning of the second season, and Andor will take viewers back to what preceded the events from Rogue One. 

Star Wars: The Acolyte, set for 2024 

The TV series of the Acolyte is also part of the franchise and will continue the events from the High Republic era. The plot is happening 100 years before the first episode of The Phantom Menace from 1999. In the Acolyte series, we’ll get to see the reunion of a former Padawan with a Jedi Master who emerges in the investigation of a few crimes. But things are difficult to handle because the cases are more mischievous than expected. 

The eight-episode series will have Amandla Stenberg playing the padawan and Lee Jung-Jae as the Jedi Master. The writer of the show, Leslye Headland, stated she wanted the world of this series to show the state of decay the world has got to, but the filmmaker, George Lucas, worked on giving the show a sleeker look. 

A Star Wars movie in development, made by Taika Waititi

Taika Waititi is known for his involvement in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Still, he also directed an episode of The Mandalorian, and now he’s making an entire film yet to be titled and announced. Krysty Wilson-Cairns is the co-writer of the series. 

The movie’s script is still under development, and no further information was provided to the public. Some say it will be released at the end of 2025, but this depends on the evolution of screenwriting. Still, Taika said in an interview that adding something valuable to the Star Wars universe is challenging, so he should take his time. 

The Star Wars Fandom
The Star Wars Fandom: What to expect from upcoming Star Wars TV series & new movie.

Another untitled film directed by Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is famous for creating Ms. Marvel, and she’s about to step into the Star Wars world soon. The upcoming film she approaches will continue the events after the Rise of the Skywalker. The action will focus on Rey Skywalker, who wants to build a new Jedi Order, following the consequences from Star Wars: Episode IX, the Rise of Skywalker. The beloved character will face many challenges as stronger powers want to destroy the Order. 

Daisy Ridley will return to play the Jedi Master, but it’s expected for other known actors from the franchise to come back in the upcoming movie. Steve Knight is set to contribute to the screenplay after Damon Lindelof and Justin Britt-Gibson left the project. 

May the force be with the fandom 

With so many new series and shows around the corner, the fans are waiting for a qualitative screenplay and effects that will bring out the most of the Star Wars universe. It’s already known that the show’s fandom is a considerably diverse audience. Still, some consider it a toxic organization of fans who aren’t afraid to express their opinion on the accuracy of the stories and their link to previous and future timeframes.