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Your Best List of Party and Event Trends in 2023

party & event trends
What's new in party & event space trends in 2023?
party & event trends
What’s new in party & event space trends in 2023?

What’s new in the party and event space trends in 2023: Live acts & musicians, western themed events, go big or go home events, balloon garlands. 

Everyone’s up for a party – and this year, we have many reasons to celebrate! Although the New Year’s celebrations are officially over, many people are celebrating – or planning another celebration, that is. There have been plenty of gatherings and parties well into the new year, yet more people are thinking of celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries, special milestones, corporate events, and more. If you are thinking of the same thing, it would be to your benefit to know what party trends are going on right now. These trends are perfect for any gathering, be it a party of 10 to a grand affair with 500 guests. So what’s new in the party and event space this year? Let’s have a look at the best list of party and event trends in 2023. 

Live acts and musicians 

At a lot of parties and events nowadays, you might notice that there are plenty of live acts and musicians. Yes, live bands will always be popular at any event, but the single live act and musician have quickly taken over and become even more popular. Solo musicians, for example, are a big hit, and so are solo comedy acts and stand-up performers. So go to an event – whether it’s a trade show or a birthday party – and chances are, you will see a solo performer on stage. 

It’s easy to see why the solo act is much more popular today – it’s because, with a single musician or act on the stage, people can converse more easily and would still be able to hear each other over the noise!

Western-themed events 

The wild wild west is a big thing again, and many children’s parties – along with adult events – go for the Wild West as a theme. And honestly, what’s not to like? You’ve got the décor and the food that speaks to everyone’s cowboy persona, and some companies even offer funfair stalls for hire with a wild west theme (you can even have a crazy bull rodeo, which is sure to be a big crowd-pleaser). 

Go big or go home 

When it comes to events and parties this year, there is another highly popular trend: the ‘go big or go home’ trend. It’s all about how grandiose and magnificent your event is compared to the next, and if you’ve got the budget, then why not go all out with the décor, the menu, the drinks, the costumes, the giveaways and prizes, and everything else in between? If you are planning a corporate affair or someone’s 40th or 60th birthday, it’s the ideal time to go big. Your guests will certainly appreciate it, and your party or event can be more detailed – and have a bigger budget for the bar as well! 

Balloon garlands 

Another trend that’s worth noting nowadays is the rental of balloon garlands. Ask any event planner and organizer, and they will tell you that balloon garlands were already a hit in 2022, and these garlands were seen at a host of parties and events. But balloons will become even more popular this year, with balloon wall decorations and balloon garlands used at a variety of events, from product launches to baby and bridal showers, children’s parties, milestone events, and so much more.