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Idaho murders vigil video claims to show PhD suspect in attendance

Bryan Kohberger attend vigil video
Did Bryan Kohberger attend vigil for Idaho murder victims? Video appears to show PhD suspect in attendance.
Bryan Kohberger attend vigil video
Did Bryan Kohberger attend vigil for Idaho murder victims? Video appears to show PhD suspect in attendance.

Did Bryan Kohberger attend vigil for Idaho murder victims? Viral video leads to debate as to whether alleged killer was studying mourners as debate also heats up over online chat groups claiming he participated on. 

Online sleuths believe PdD Idaho quadruple-murder suspect Bryan Kohberger may have attended a vigil for his alleged victims 17 days after their murders – with users sharing video (see below) which has since gone viral. 

A video posted earlier this week shows a man who resembles Kohbeger, 28 walking into the hall filled with mourners in Moscow, Idaho two months ago. 

The clip was taken from a November 30 vigil held for the four students killed during the early morning hours of November 13th. The vigil according to sleuths took place at the University of Idaho’s William H. Kibbie-ASUI Activity Center, a venue that hosts the school’s football and basketball teams. 

A Twitter user wrote: ‘Blue coat guy many think is Bryan Kohberger walking into the vigil.’ The man in the clip does bear a strong resemblance to Kohberger. But there’s been no confirmation that it is him. 

Kohberger a PhD criminology student was accused of posting on Reddit and Facebook groups about the case before his arrest, with sleuths claiming an appearance at a vigil would be expected. Commentators posited that the killer not only enjoyed watching and ‘studying’ his victims during their murder but also the rush of watching and taking in a community reeling in shock.  

Is the man in blue Bryan Kohberger attending vigil? 

The short clip, shows a man in a blue jacket innocuously walking into view at around midfield of the football stadium.

The same Twitter user posted a video comparing the man on the field with recent shots of Kohberger since the indictment (see also immediately above).

Wrote one Twitter slueth: ‘The blue coat guy at the vigil for the slain Idaho college students appears to have identical profile as Bryan Kohberger being escorted into court today. Same weak chin, same long nose same, hollowed out eyes and same height of hairline. It’s Bryan at that vigil!’

Debate raged in the mentions about whether it could be Kohberger, with multiple users affirming that it looked like the suspect, with one saying ‘Yes. The height is it.’

Another disagreed, saying ‘Looks like a different guy who is older. Hairline doesn’t look right.’ 

While another person replied: ‘Definitely not him. Dude in blue has a receding hairline and his ears are slanted. At first I thought it was him, but looking at these pics side by side, definitely not.’

Others meanwhile shared side-by-side screenshots of the man in the video next to photos of Kohberger in court, claiming their side-profiles are an exact match.

Secret commentator on online chat groups?

‘Blue coat guy’s profile at the vigil many think is Bryan Kohberger compared with Bryan being escorted into court today,’ one Twitter user wrote while comparing the images. ‘The side my side looks 100% to me!’

While another Twitter user commented that it would make sense for Kohberger to be there, ‘to absorb the sadness and fear from what he had done, or not be there to keep himself away from anything related to the murders.’

The viral video comes after it was speculated Kohberger joined chat groups online discussing the tragic murders and posting factual accounts that only the killer could’ve known. 

Jennifer Coffindaffer a former FBI investigator said she had been following the comments of a Facebook user with the handle Pappa Rodgers, who along with a Redditor with the handle InsideLooking, had made chilling speculations about the murders that turned out to be true. 

Both users were accused of being the real killer in their respective groups. 

The scrutiny into the online discussion groups comes as Kohberger was denied bail while prosecutors revealed his DNA was found on the knife sheath lying next to one of the victims’ bodies. 

Posted the former agent, ‘Of the evidence released, the murder weapon has been consistent as a large fixed blade knife. This leads me to believe they found the sheath.’

Coffindaffer sides with those who believe that at least one of the accounts belonged to Kohberger, 28 – who to date has maintained his innocence and believes he will be exonerated as some legal scholars debate whether prosecutors have a slam dunk case or not.