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The impact of clothing on people’s mental health

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Importance of dress, online entertainment on peace of mind
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Impact of dress, leisure and online entertainment on mental wellness.

The importance of dress, online entertainment and leisure on mental wellness. Peace of mind is contingent on many factors especially during many life changing occasions. 

The desire to change, at certain stages of one’s existence, is common to every human being; it is a distinctive trait of our species. In fact, who among us has not felt the strong desire to make big changes in their life, perhaps after a traumatic event that has completely disrupted their daily routine? It happens to everyone, because change is an inevitable stage in everyone’s life. 

Even those who think they find themselves in an ideal, perfect situation, in a comfort zone from which it would seem impossible to get out, sooner or later have to come to terms with the reality of the facts, with the stark reality of a world that never stands still, but is constantly changing, every second, because by nature it is always evolving, never stopping. 

When people find themselves in these particular moments, perhaps after the end of a relationship or at the end of a working relationship that they cared a lot about, they seem to experience a kind of stupefaction that leaves them completely dazed, blocked, paralysed, as if they had not yet grasped the workings of the world in which we happen to be born. 

Finding themselves needing to deal with such a problematic situation, so terribly complex, many people completely lose their self-confidence and let themselves go, indulging in attitudes that are harmful to their own health and that of those around them. Alcohol, drugs, food at will, excesses of various kinds and an invincible indolence, the inability to get out of bed and do anything, in the belief that this world has nothing more to offer. 


Yet, in such a chaotic, cruel and unpredictable society, there are still those who want to avoid giving up at all costs, choosing to keep fighting in the hope of finding some form of happiness again. All of these are precisely those people who believe in change, who choose themselves to take the path that could lead them back to happiness, even if on the surface it seems like a titanic undertaking and beyond their strength. 

It may sound paradoxical, but those who want to make real changes in their lives will first have to change their practical habits, even their daily routines, by behaving as if their previous life never existed, or was lived by another person whom they thought they knew, and of whom they now only remember with great difficulty. 

Why not start with your winter wardrobe? The power of clothes on people’s mental health is largely underestimated, even though we all now live in a society where outwardness and appearance are almost the only criteria by which a person is assessed. Take all your old clothes and donate them to some charity society (but really do it!). 

Now imagine how the best version of yourself would dress, being very careful to include all those stylistic elements that make you unique and represent your true hallmarks. Try by all means to obtain these clothes, without fear of investing sums of money to make those clothes that do not yet exist, because you have created them in your mind. Do not forget that you are investing in your health, in your mental well-being, and that these goals are priceless.

Peace of mind 

What you should aim for is the most enviable condition of all, namely mental peace of mind. This can be achieved by gradually changing one’s habits, such as the way one dresses, and gradually observing the benefits. It is a condition that can also be achieved through the recreational activities we enjoy most, particularly through all those pastimes that amuse and relax us greatly, as if transporting us to another dimension. 

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The best version of yourself is there waiting for you, before long it will appear in your mirror. All you have to do is get yourself some new clothes.