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Montana woman defends shooting husky as internet hates her

Amber Rose Barnes Montana woman shoots husky
Amber Rose Barnes Montana woman defends shooting husky she mistook for a wolf.
Amber Rose Barnes Montana woman shoots husky
Amber Rose Barnes Montana woman defends shooting husky she mistook for a wolf.

Amber Rose Barnes Montana woman defends shooting husky she mistook for a wolf while hunting in Facebook post (and would do it again) as social media post users lambast her. 

A Montana woman who mistook a wild Siberian husky for a wolf while hunting in the woods has defended her actions after shooting the animal dead, skinning it and then boasting about it on social media only to double down and say she would do the kill again – to the outrage of social media users.

Amber Barnes, who uses the name Amber Rose on social media, faced the wrath of thousands on Facebook after she posted proudly about her kill.

Barnes, 36, originally told friends how she’d ventured out in the Flathead National Forest in Doris Creek, sixty miles south of Glacier National Park, looking for a black bear and come across the animal. 

‘I got the opportunity to take another predator wolf pup 2022 was a great feeling to text my man and say I just smoked a wolf pup #firstworld #onelesspredatorMT,’ she said. She shared graphic photos the skinned animal lying next to her in the bed of her pickup truck. 

It didn’t take long for outraged social media users to tell her she hadn’t killed a wolf, but had instead shot and skinned a dog. 

‘Safety was my top priority’ Female hunter who boasted killing husky she mistook for wolf pleads not guilty

Amber Rose Barnes Montana woman shoots husky
Amber Rose Barnes Montana woman defends shooting husky Siberian dog she mistook for wolf.

Did Barnes have legal wolf hunting license? 

Wrote one commentator: ‘This absolutely disgusting and hurtful.

‘If you cannot tell the difference between a wild wolf and a husky, you should not – ever – own a hunting license of even a gun for that matter. There are no excuses.’

Posted another: ‘She should be murdered the same way. She is not right in the head. Evil bitch.’

Barnes eventually deleted her Facebook page following a deluge of criticism.

Full-grown huskies are 20 to 23.5 inches tall and weigh 35 to 64lbs. A gray wolf is 26 to 32 inches tall from the shoulder and weighs between 50 and 110lbs. The difference in size may vary minutely.

Barnes may have assumed that she was met with a juvenile gray wolf rather than a husky. However, Huskies have a broader stout and slightly vary in color and build when compared to wolves.

Wolves can be hunted legally in Montana as long as the hunter the correct permits. According to some reports, Barnes only obtained a wolf hunting permit after shooting the dog. She denies those claims.

Amber Rose Barnes Montana woman and Frank Tallent
Amber Rose Barnes Montana woman pictured with boyfriend, Frank Tallent.

Rose defends kill

Sheriff’s deputies stated that the husky dog was abandoned in the woods along with 10 others according to a Facebook release. The owners have not been identified and it’s unclear if they will face charges. Barnes has not been charged. Police are now working to determine if she had a valid hunting license. 

Responding to her critics, Rose said that she would make the same kill twice to defend herself against an apparently angry wild animal. 

‘During this time, safety was my top priority this animal was growling howling and coming at me like it was going to eat me.

‘Yes I made a mistake…either way yes I would still have shot it because it was aggressive and coming directly for me!’ she said. 

Her husband, Frank Tallent, also came to her defense. 

‘It was a deer chasing ferral [sic] a** dog on the wrong place at the wrong time,’ Tallent wrote.

Will Rose face consequences? 

‘So if you wanna be a bunch of cry baby a** f***ing sheep keep going cause we really don’t give two f**ks about what’s going on or what’s being said.

‘You cry baby mother f***ers and for any other hunters who wanna talk s**t saying it looks bad,’ he said, ‘we’ll [sic] f*****g s**t it does you stupid mother f***ers but mistakes happen.’

 ‘Mistakes happen big f***ing deal.’ 

‘Ya my girl friend was out hunting and shot a f *****g dog that was dumped out in the woods,’ he added. 

‘No charges have been filed or will be filed because no laws were broke.’

Police are now working to find the person who dumped the dogs in the woods. 

Many of the puppies have parvovirus, a deadly canine disease.

Before Barnes shot the animal she encountered, several other members of the public came across the others and handed them in to animal control. 

The puppies are now being treated by vets but they are not up for adoption, police stated in an update. 

They have not yet ruled out charges against Barnes, but she has not been arrested and is unlikely to be arrested according to Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Park’s communication and education division administrator Greg Lemon

‘We are looking into that aspect of it but it’s not really clear what the outcome of that investigation will be,’ Lemon said

‘It’s always important to be certain of the animal you’re going to harvest,’ Lemon added.