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Why You Should Buy Dossier Perfumes

high quality perfume
What makes a high quality perfume? Quality fragrances at affordable prices.
high quality perfume
What makes a high quality perfume? Quality fragrances at affordable prices.

What makes a high quality perfume? Exploring the latest fragrances meeting high quality benchmarks of scents at affordable prices. 

Everyone loves to smell nice although it can be difficult to identify the best perfumes. Luckily, Dossier offers high-end perfumes to everyone. You can spray it while going to meet up with friends or at special functions. Its scent is so refreshing that it can light-up your mood.

Dossier is a sleek, contemporary perfume line that only uses premium, all-natural components. It has two types of perfume bottles that are sold in rectangular and oval. 

Since each bottle is made of glass, you can see the color of the perfume inside. The scents from Dossier are also vegan, eco-friendly, non-allergenic, and cruelty-free.

What Makes Dossier Perfume Special

Dossier’s collection of perfumes stands out due to the attention they pay to each scent’s unique olfactory composition. Most of its perfumes fall under the Eau de Parfum and EdP categories, indicating they contain more perfume oil per volume.

A perfume concentration ratio must be between 15% and 20% for it to be labeled Eau de Parfum. The perfume oil content of Dossier’s scents ranges from 15% to 18% making it a highly concentrated perfume. In addition, these perfumes are free of phthalates, parabens, UV filters, and dyes.

The perfume has 15 different scent families from which you can choose. Some of the scents are musky, ambery, citrus, floral, fruity, etc. Not to forget that these perfumes are inspired by Versace’s Dylan Blue, creed aventus, Chanel’s Gabrie, Prada’s Luna Rossa Carbon, etc.

Also, Dossier formulates its perfume products using only the most ethical and high-quality ingredients, adhering to the U.S. and E.U. cosmetic safety regulations.

Dossier Perfume Collections

Dossier perfume has dozens of different scents. Here are some excellent picks for you to try.

Citrus Green Apple

Citrus Green Apple is a well-known perfume dossier option. This is made specifically for women. It has a distinctive and delightful scent since it combines fresh flowers and green apples.

Woody Chestnut

Woody Chestnut is another fantastic fragrance inspired by Maison Margiela’s Replica Perfume. It is a combination of pink pepper and cloves. The fragrance’s initial impression is a spicy glitter overpowered by woody notes. The perfume is defined by a cozy gourmand harmony centered on chestnut.

Musky Oakmoss

Musky Oakmoss, inspired by creed aventus, offers a crisp, fresh burst of energy.  It contains the Chypre which is a blend of bergamot, rose, oakmoss, and patchouli. The fragrance fades off with a delicate, mild musk undertone at the end, leaving you wanting more.

Ambery Vanilla 

Ambery Vanilla draws inspiration from YSL’s Black Opium. This scent, which combines vanilla, pear, black coffee, jasmine flower, and orange blossom, was also introduced specifically for women. It has a highly alluring perfume thanks to the fragrance notes of the mixture of fruits.

What Makes Dossier Perfume Cheap

Dossier perfumes are built on the idea of giving high-quality fragrances at a reasonable cost. The majority of brands invest a lot of money in celebrity endorsements. In addition, they employ pricey packaging for their goods. 

Dossier, on the other hand, is a fragrance-only company without extraneous packaging or celebrity endorsements. As a result, Dossier perfumes are priced affordably.

How to Use Dossier Perfume

Dossier’s fragrance can last for a long time on the skin. Keep in mind that a 50ml bottle can last about two to three months if you use it once daily. 

It is advisable to apply your perfume after getting out of the shower to help it last longer. You need to note that before using the perfume, apply a tiny bit of moisturizer to your skin

Always concentrate the spray on your skin’s exposed parts. If the scent of your perfume fades quickly, apply petroleum jelly to the skin before using it.

Also, you can spray the perfume on your wrists. To receive a little bit of the perfume on your skin, hair, and clothing, just sprays the perfume into the air to form a cloud, then walk through it.

Due to its distinctive aroma notes, which are neither excessively heavy nor light, it can be worn in both warm and cold weather.