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Betting on Formula 1 at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Formula 1 Betting
Formula 1 Betting: How to find a reliable & good bookmaker.
Formula 1 Betting
Formula 1 Betting: How to find a reliable & good bookmaker.

Betting on Formula 1: How to find a reliable & good Bookmaker. The scoring of Formula 1 and common betting strategies. 

Formula 1 is a fast motorsport that is driven with sophisticated racing cars which can sometimes reach a speed of 350 km/h. A Formula 1 race, or a Grand Prix, (GP) consists of a number of laps that are driven on the race track (circuit). The number of laps that are driven depends on the length of a course. The race is expressed in kilometers and not in laps. In this motorsport, the aim is to cover the correct number of kilometers or laps as quickly as possible.

A minimum of three hundred kilometers and an extra lap must be covered during the race. The F1 drivers who finish in the top 10 of the Grand Prix receive World Cup points. The driver with the most World Cup points at the end of the season wins the World Champion title. In case of the tie, the driver with the most wins will be the winner.

The Scoring of the Formula 1

As already mentioned, the driver with the most World Cup points at the end of the championship wins. You get a certain number of points per finish place, so the place where you finish. Whoever has the most World Cup points wins the championship. The scoring in formula 1 goes as follows:

Formula 1 Qualifying

Before the official race starts, a qualifying round takes place. This determines where the racing cars will be on the next race day. The driver with the fastest time starts first. The qualifications are divided into 3 sessions. After each session, a number of drivers drop out. In the qualifying round, time is what is central. So there is no racing against each other, but it is purely to achieve the fastest time. These are the three sessions that the qualifications are divided into, namely:

  • Q1: All drivers will participate in this 18-minute session. They can decide how many laps they drive in a certain time. At the end of the session, the slowest five drivers are eliminated. They start the official race from places 16 to 20. 
  • Q2: The remaining drivers advance to the second session of the qualifying round. The aim of this is to get to the fastest racers who are allowed to advance to the third and final session. In this session, the drivers have 15 minutes to set a lap time. The drivers who are last or have performed the least are eliminated and start the official race in place 11 to 15.
  • Q3: This is the final and decisive session to take place in the qualifying round. The racers now compete for the ‘pole position’ or the first place on the grid at the official race. The drivers have 12 minutes in this session to set a lap time. Whoever is the best starts from the first place. The rest of the drivers start based on their performance in places 2 to 10.

Formula 1 Betting Strategy at Non GamStop Bookmakers

Keep a Close Eye on Everything

Keep an eye on everything on social media and the newspapers. There may be drivers with certain complaints or injuries that make them perform less well. This can then influence the result, making your choice and bet easier and more promising. You can also look at certain strengths and weaknesses of a driver and the odds.

Find a Reliable & Good Bookmaker

Find a bookmaker that is not only reliable and safe, but also offers a wide range of bets. You can check whether they pay out quickly and look up reviews on the internet. After all, you bet your money on this and of course you want to gamble safely with a reliable bookmaker

Try Live Betting

By betting live you can see which racers are doing well and which are not. You can still bet between the race, which is actually super handy. You can make a last minute decision that might just take you out with the win!

Realistic Thinking

Some people who bet on racers who never win, because if they do, bettors will get immense winnings, but this strategy isn’t very wise! The odds are slim and you will only lose money. Formula 1 usually has 5 or 6 racers only who are likely to win.

Gamble Consciously

Gamble responsibly and consciously and try to use a minimal budget, especially if you are a novice gambler. Set Yourself a Limit for Precautions. Gambling can have a prominent place in your life. Try to avoid this as much as possible and avoid gambling addiction

Formula 1 Betting
Formula 1 Betting: How to find a reliable & good bookmaker.

Live Betting on Formula 1

When betting on formula 1 you can of course also watch the match live. This makes it even more exciting and you can follow the relevant racer you have bet on. With many bookmakers you can also bet during the match. It is therefore useful to pay attention to how the racers drive during the race. You can then take into account the different aspects, which means that a few racers already lose weight to bet on.

Formula 1 Common Bets

When betting on Formula 1, there are a few types of bets that are most common. 

  • Outright betting:  This bet is the most common among GamStop bettors and easy for everyone to understand. Here you only predict who you think will win the race or the tournament.
  • Finish position:  You can also bet on the finish position of a certain driver. For example, you can bet that Max Verstappen will finish in 3rd place in the race.
  • Podium place:  Here you bet on who you think will win a podium place (1 to 3). For example: if you think Max Verstappen will be 2nd and get a place on the podium.
  • Top 6 / top 3:  In this bet you predict who will make the top 6 in the match. You also have a bet where a top 3 is central. You do exactly the same as with the top 6, but with the fastest 3 drivers.
  • Betting on teams:  You can also bet on a team or drivers. This is a particular team with multiple drivers. 
  • Fastest lap time:  As the title says, you bet on the driver that you think will set the fastest lap time.