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Need time off for vacation? Best Things to Do in Montreal

Montreal things to do
Montreal things to do
Montreal things to do
Best things to do in Montreal on your next vacation trip.

Best things to do in Montreal on your next vacation trip: from the historic quarter, architecture, ecosystem, museums, galleries, park and other forms of entertainment. 

Montreal is rated high amongst the most interesting and beautiful cities in North America. If you’re looking for things to do, you’ll be spoiled for choice. From arts and culture to nature and outdoors, there’s something for everyone in Montreal. While Montreal might not have some weird geography facts, it makes the perfect place for a vacation or a short holiday.  So what are you waiting for? 

Have a taste of How Montreal used to be

If you’re looking for how Europe used to look, go no further than Montreal’s historic district of Old Montreal. Pavement, gorgeous architecture, and cozy cafes make it feel like you’ve stepped back in time. Whether you’re exploring on your own or taking a guided tour, you won’t run out of things to do in this charming corner of the city.

Ancient church

The Notre Dame Basilica is one of Montreal’s most iconic landmarks and any visitor moving through Montreal without visiting this church is doing himself a great disservice. The church was completed in 1829 and is renowned for its jaw-dropping architecture and intricate detail. Whether you’re Catholic or not, the Notre Dame Basilica is sure to impress!

Are you a lover of plants?

Montreal’s Garden is one of the most visited locations in Montreal, especially in the springtime when all of the flowers are in bloom. Various gardens and areas await your exploration, each with its own unique landscaping and plants. The exhibits change every season, so there’s always something new to see. If you’re looking for a relaxing day out, I definitely recommend taking a de tour to the Botanical Garden. You’ll be able to wander around for hours and take in all the beauty Montreal has to offer.

The all-encompassing ecosystem 

The Montreal Biodome is an amazing place to visit if you want to learn about the different forest types in the world. There are four sections in the Biodome, each representing a different biome: rainforest, desert, ocean, and Laurentian maple forest. My favorite part is the rainforest, where you can see monkeys and tropical birds up close. The Biodome is also home to the only gorillas in Canada!

Culture and arts

If you’re looking for a cultural experience while in Montreal, the Arts Museum is definitely worth checking out. The museum has a wonderful collection of art from around the world, and there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Plus, it’s a great way to learn about different cultures and their artistic traditions.

The Home of insects

Have you ever seen so many diverse insects in a place? If not, it is because you have not visited the Montreal Insectarium. This location is a great place to learn about insects from round the globe. It’s also a lot of fun! The Insectarium has tons of different exhibits, including a rainforest exhibit with live butterflies, and a huge bug zoo. You can even touch some of the bugs! If you’re ever in Montreal, be sure to visit the Insectarium. It’s one of my favorite places in the city.

The Roman Catholic church

Saint Joseph’s Oratory is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Montreal. The church is dedicated to Saint Joseph, and it is one of the largest Roman Catholic churches in the world. The oratory has an impressive architecture, and it is a popular spot for weddings and other ceremonies. If you’re visiting Montreal, be sure to check out Saint Joseph’s Oratory.

Art galleries 

Montreal’s Place des Arts is one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations. Located in the heart of downtown, it’s home to a variety of art galleries, museums, and performance venues. If you’re looking for something to do in Montreal, Place des Arts is a great place to start. There’s always something going on there, whether you’re interested in classical music or modern art. You can even take a stroll through the beautiful Jean-Drapeau Park while you’re there. So if you’re visiting Montreal, be sure to stop by Place des Arts! You won’t be disappointed.

The habitat with the numeric name 

Habitat 67 is a famous Montreal landmark that was designed by architect Moshe Safdie. The unique building is made up of 354 identical prefabricated concrete blocks, and it’s been an iconic part of the city skyline since it was completed in 1967. Despite its popularity, Habitat 67 has faced some criticism over the years for its cold and sterile appearance. But whatever you think of it, there’s no denying that this architectural curiosity is definitely one-of-a-kind.

City Hall 

Montreal City Hall is an amazing piece of architecture. It’s one of the most recognizable buildings in the city, and it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re in town. The building is huge, and it’s got a ton of history. There’s also a bunch of interesting stories about the construction of City Hall that you won’t want to miss. If you’re interested in architecture or politics, Montreal City Hall is definitely worth checking out!

Games and entertainment 

If you’re looking for a fun night out, Montreal’s casino is a great option. With table games, slots, and a poker room, there’s something for everyone. Plus, the casino offers restaurants, bars, and entertainment options to keep you busy all night long. So if you’re looking for a bit of excitement in your life, check out Montreal’s casino!

Royal Park

Montréal is known for its beautiful parks. The most famous one, and my personal favorite, is the Parc du Mont-Royal. It’s the perfect place for a peaceful walk, a jog, or to just sit and enjoy the scenery. There are also quite a few festivals held in the park throughout the year, so there’s always something interesting happening. If you’re ever in Montréal, be sure to check out this park!