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The Best Online Games Based On Movies

The Best Video Online Games Based On Films & Movies
The Best Video Online Games Based On Films & Movies. Pictured Achilles, cult favorite.
The Best Video Online Games Based On Films & Movies
The Best Video Online Games Based On Films & Movies. Pictured Achilles, cult favorite.

The Best Video Online Games Based On Films and Movies. Drawing from pop culture, new movie releases and entertainment a look at player favorite entertainment picks. 

We all love a good game, but for lovers of pop culture and entertainment, a game based on a popular movie is particularly fun. Granted, we don’t see too many such titles make it to major consoles. But a lot of fun, simple, online games based on films have been put out over the years, often to correspond with the films’ releases. They’re usually not massive, sprawling experiences, but they make for a lot of entrainment across various genres.

Below are some we’d recommend giving a try.

1. Achilles

There are actually a few great online games based on the epic of the Trojan War, in one way or another. The best of the bunch may well be A Total War Saga: Troy, a strategy game by Creative Assembly that amounts to a pretty thorough, detailed strategic conquest experience. But if you want a game more explicitly based on the film Troy (though not officially licensed), Achilles is the pick. This game features at a number of arcade platforms and puts you in the shoes of the Greeks’ greatest warrior. With simple controls and graphics, you simply march along a beach taking down enemies. It’s very straightforward, but oddly fun.


2. Planet of the Apes Slot

The awesome film series depicting the story of apes rising to take over the world has produced a number of games over the years -– with the online video slot being perhaps the surprise success of the bunch. Specifically, the slopes in elements of both Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes and Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (two of the more recent films in the series). Graphics and visuals are a ton of fun for any fan of the franchise, and the game also has a lot of special features built in –– such as the “rise” bonus, dual feature, and stacked wild feature, to name a few. The game has wonderful graphics, intimidating sounds, and jaw-dropping win scenes that will suck you right back into the cinematic series.

3.The Lord of the Rings

Fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy series will enjoy this online entertainment like no other. This is a fun role-playing game (RPG) wherein players continue to fight and explore Middle Earth. As an RPG, the game lets you choose what role you wish to take, such as that of a hobbit, dwarf, or elf. During the adventure, you will meet characters from the film series as well –– like Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, and others. The saga continues with this online game, with the future lying in the hands of the player –– and it’s going to be all the more interesting given that we’re about to learn more about the past of Middle Earth in a new Amazon series titled The Rings Of Power.

4. Jurassic Park Gold

The Jurassic Park franchise has extended in ways we might never have imagined 25 years ago –– with a new film on the way this year. It has also produced some fun games along the way, and this new title exclusive to Gala Bingo is one of the most enjoyable and accessible of the bunch. Like the aforementioned Planet Of The Apes game, it captures familiar characters and scenes from the films and uses them to build up a captivating environment for a high-octane modern slot. The graphics are great, background music is enticing and the fiery flames are mesmerizing.

5. Spider-Man: Mysterio Rush

We actually can’t say with certainty that this title is based on a specific film, though it certainly lines up with Spider-Man: Far From Home (given that this film introduced Mysterio to the Marvel Cinematic Universe). It’s a simple game you can find on a number of platforms, but one that reminds you how fun browser-based arcades can be. Adopting the “endless runner” format, the game challenges you to swing by Spidey’s webs through a cityscape, always moving forward and trying to gather prizes and power-ups, defeat bad guys, and avoid dangerous weapons. That’s all there is to it, but there’s actually a satisfying range of power-ups and variables, and it’s the sort of game you always want to play again to see if you can beat your most recent score.

Great movies do not have to end when the credits start rolling! Players can continue to relive each epic adventure through online games, and there are more of them than you might think. We hope this list excites players and movie fans alike, and when you’re done playing a few please come back to see us again.