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New Mexico woman dumps newborn baby in dumpster

Alexis Avila Hobbs NM
Alexis Avila Hobbs NM teen dumps newborn baby in dumpster.
Alexis Avila Hobbs NM
Alexis Avila Hobbs NM teen dumps newborn baby in dumpster. Image via police bookings.

Alexis Avila Hobbs New Mexico teen dumps newborn baby in dumpster. Video footage shows teen mom getting out of car with trash bag she lobs into dumpster. 

Footage has emerged capturing the moment a teenage girl tossing her newborn into a dumpster in New Mexico — only for the child to be found alive hours later by three people sifting through the trash, according to police. 

Alexis Avila, 18, was seen arriving at the dumpster on North Thorp Street in Hobbs about 2 p.m. Friday, January 7th, pulling a black trash bag out of the car and tossing it into the container, the Hobbs Police Department stated in a Facebook release.

Six hours later, three people combing through the dumpster were seen removing the bag, looking inside and finding the baby.

The woman quickly wraps up the newborn and takes the baby to a truck as a man apparently calls authorities. 

‘Upon arrival officers rendered aid to the newborn child and the baby was transported to a local hospital by Hobbs EMS. The child was subsequently transported to a Lubbock Hospital for further pediatric treatment,’ police said in a statement.

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The baby was listed in stable condition.

Police said they were able to retrieve surveillance footage of the incident and later located Avila’s vehicle.

The teen girl confessed to giving birth to the baby and throwing the newborn into the dumpster, cops said according to KOAT.

Upon her arrest, Avila was charged with attempted murder and was expected to be arraigned Monday in Lea County District Court.

Alexis Avila Hobbs NM
Pictured, Alexis Avila Hobbs New Mexico woman. Images via social media.

‘Something wasn’t right…’ 

Joe Imbriale, owner of the Rig Outfitters and Home Store, said police asked to view his security camera footage on Friday night.

‘Something wasn’t right. I saw the officers’ faces and they did not look right. They really didn’t,’ Imbriale told KOB.

‘I said, ‘What is it we are looking for?’ and she goes, ‘We’re looking for somebody who dumped a black garbage bag in your dumpster.’ I turned around, I said, ‘Please don’t tell me it was a baby,” Imbriale said. 

‘I was in shock just to see this,’ the man added. ‘I can’t sleep at night just knowing that this baby was just tossed in a dumpster like that. I’m sorry but who does that? That is evil. I don’t have words for it.’ 

Not immediately clear is why the teen girl hadn’t taken the newborn baby to a Safe Haven location in the state which allows unwanted babies to be dropped with police, firefighters, or paramedics (in person) until they are 90 days old.